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[Sell][Various arts][variable Dura][Variable Price]

Author[Sell][Various arts][variable Dura][Variable Price]
I am interested in clearing my inventory and making quick cash
List includes rare and enchanted arts

Name - Durability - Price

Battlemagus guise ..33/33.. 20k
Temporal pendant .. 32/36 ..5.5k [+ 7% ini, 2 attack.. lv 8]
Light Mithril Coif .. 11/83.. 1200 [Increased Dura.. 70 to 83]
PlateMail.. 58/93..8000 [increased Dura.. 75 to 93]
Staff of power..17/49.. 2400

New arts will be constantly added to the list :)
PM me and i will send you the art with the mentioned price
Forgot to add this
Sword of might [E10A10W10F10] .. 14/28.. 17k
Mithril Longsword.. 70/70.. 17k
Medal of bravery...25/25... 570
Unlimited stocks as i buy them for a place to enroll
Cheaper than market price
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