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[Sell] Mage Arts [Various Levels]

Author[Sell] Mage Arts [Various Levels]
Warlock Crown [43/70] - 4100
Sorcerer Robe [38/70] - 5210
Sorcerer Cape [48/60] - 7120
Sorcerer Signet [48/60] - 8399 x2
Mystical Amulet [34/60] - 5800

Also, offer...
Buy 3 Arts together +399 Gold and get a Ring of Ambition [13/15] Free.
For further 1 Art purchased above 3 Arts, -33 Gold on every art on 399 for the Ring of Ambition.

A&D Members = 5% Discount
Local Rule#2//Thread headers in this branch must fit the following standard:
[Transaction type][Item][Mod][Durability][Price]

[Item] - compulsory for indicating. If there are multiple items to trade, it is required to type [Various artifacts] or other relevant batch item description. It is forbidden to list multiple item names in [Item] parameter.

For example:

[Sell][Various Level Mage Arts]
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