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Attn to Admin (Password Recovery)

AuthorAttn to Admin (Password Recovery)
Dear Admin,

I hope this is the proper channel for your attention.
My question is I had an account for a year plus since late 2008. Due to work matters, I did not login for almost a year
and I have forgot my password and the email I have used. I hope you can private message me so that I can give some details for that account to help me to recover. Hear from you soon.

No it is not.

4. Questions regarding penalties, unblock requests, and other kinds of communication with Administration are made with the help of Secretary (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4). If your combat level is below the 3rd and you can't use the private mail - either raise your level or ask your friends or clanmates. Contacting the Administration via "Queries & Help" is SENSELESS.

Or you can try contacting Arctic instead.
My char was at lv 7.
So i private mail Arctic?
Yes, and wait.
Thanks Straws. :)
closed by Lady Straws (2010-01-30 15:04:46)
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