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AP level

AuthorAP level
I just got lvl 8, and I want to try out my new talent and Wolf Raiders soon. I don't want to wait to save up gold. Any help on how to get Sword of Might quickly?
Do you have medal of bravery? Defender shield? Reprisal sword? That is the cheapest way to make 8 AP I think... Also good would be light axe + leather armor + def shield + MoB. Or LA, steel helmet, def shield.

And of cross enroll as much as possible, never hurts xP
If you wanna just try it out try to rent SOM from someone for 1 or 2 battles...
Ask for a loan to get it.
thanks, but I just got a rent offer. closed.
closed by Mojocat (2010-01-30 19:58:18)
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