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attack power

Authorattack power
i was just going through different people over this game, and i came to know one guy who is right now in barbarian faction, who was combat lvl 4, and who was having following stats:
necromancer lvl 1
knight lvl 1
elf lvl 1
barbarian lvl 1
hunters guild lvl 1

and without any artifacts in barbarian faction,he had 6 attack power.

is that really true that all his atk points got added up together to give him 5 atk points+1 atk point for barbarian or is there some other logic...

plz guide..
Who is this guy?
1 attack from being a barb
2 attack from hunters guild level 2
3 attack from level up (level 1 => level 4)
6 attack
for Sven91:
hunters guild lvl 1
for Sven91:
hunters guild lvl 1
It can be simple has dressed any artefact(Which gives attack)?
Give me a link to that guy and we ll find out where the attack came from.

Besides, from your profile "Hi this is kulu8. this is my game id only."

So who's this?
Paying way too much for a terrible repairing service....
@santremus: i dunno, he was there in the battles page, and then i was in battles too, by the time i finished my battle, he vanished.
still trying to find out
for kulu8:
dunno It it nik or how?
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