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how to collect gold


Authorhow to collect gold
plz can any one tell me
Work, hunt also guild of mercenaries to you in the help!)
roulete is the quickest way
Work ,work and work
hunt and enroll for your level.
for elbuster:
roulete is Harm!
i say roulette
just u need luck ;)
DON"T try Roulette, there are many who have left the game because they lost over 500,000 with it!
for ABBY2010:
yes, you can ''try'' roulette. But I warn you, it's all about your luck. If you win or realize that you're starting to lose any of your money, then stop. I don't recommend doing so if you ask me.
for EROCS:
Very few people offers a roulette)
for ABBY2010:

You get the way, but you need one more thing- Patient. This helps those rich guys to get a lot of golds:)
for ForestFighter:
In sense?
you should try roulette...
and try this strategy:

first set 100 for example on black.
then if you win you will winn 100 gold.
if you lose the bet 200 gold on black and see if you win or lose.
if you win start again with 100 gold at the next spin.
if you lose bet 400 on black and so on.
any questions?
14 its stupid strategy ;) dont try
any questions?
Why did you bet more than you won, if you have this "super-duper-strategy" ?
16 lol i agree :D stupid strategy ;)

Try this strategy:

Don't bet. You will always win.
i think you dont understand me..
look if you bet 100 gold on black and lose then you bet 200 gold on balck next spins so always double gold what gold you lose.
so for example i bet 100 gold on black and lose.
the i bet 200 gold on black again in next spin and win. i will get 400 gold but lose only 300.
i know its very slow to get money but its worth it.
stop your nonsense.
I wish someone removes your post.
Lesson #1: House always wins.
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