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a eto ja!

Authora eto ja!
Ja Russkij a vi anglichane :)!
hehe, can someone say ban in russian
otve4ajte gavno anglijskoe!I am Russian!
ne pizdi hujnju givno anglijskoe!!!
We knew you're russian but this server must only speak in english .

Any other kind of language are not allowed in forum.

But in chat , private mail you can speak any kind of language.

And what did you wanna ask for in this Queries and help forum?
[Post deleted by moderator EROCS // ]
[Player banned by moderator EROCS until 2010-02-06 09:07:07 // Mind your language.]
And English in forums only.
closed by EROCS (2010-02-03 12:08:00)
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