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Caravan's spells

AuthorCaravan's spells

From my little thief experience, it seems that caravan's heroes always use the same spells:
fire ball for demon
thunder for wiz and DE
mass rapid for elves
knights ???
raise for necro, of course

Well, for elves, it seems slightly different; they usually rapid two times in a row, and then (mass)stoneskin...

what I'm wondering is wether they always use those spells because my strategy remains more or less the same, so, IA acts the same way, or if they always fo this.
And, do the spells they use changes with combat lvl?
Its the same for me and the other battles I watched.
Only one exception, sometimes, when you place your units close together they use earthen spikes.
And when a wizard is fighting a caravan of wizards, for some reason.... they dont use spells on the enchanted gargoyles and do only 7-9 damage each turn with a normal shot.
wizard against me use earthen spike on gargoyles unless is surrounded so he not kill his troops
Ok, thanks for your answers.
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