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how to make a avtar?

Authorhow to make a avtar?
do anybody know?
The same way you make any other pic... ?
talk to suvosh
I can make a avatar for you....no prob.
And by the way,Why are you lying that on using your ref. link people get 30% extra gold when they level up?Such a cheap way to trick people to make money...

but if admins and crator put it there..it must be 'GooD'(not)
If you have no image editors on your PC, you may look for "photo editor online crop photo" in Google. When you find a comfortable online photo editor, you crop a picture you like to make it small (150\150 pixels) etc. It is the way to create an usual avatar. Also, there are some free sites for simple "animated" avatars making (online). Really, it is very easy, and you no need to install any soft on your PC or to buy an avatar.
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