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Lol, i guest the original poster just want to hear our view about each faction's pro n con ^^ becausse i'm a Demon, let me start on them:

+ Gating ability: multiply your army for about 1.5x.. double the trouble for the enemy xD
+ Relatively fast compared to others (Cerberi n Nightmares have 8 speed and high init)
+ Versatile build (Might and Magic)
+ Smallest population on this kingdom (so less people have resistance towards demon)
+ Fun to play! (hell yeah ;p)

- Relatively weak in Hunt (compared to Wiz and DE)
- Weak shooters (only succubi). IDK how powerful succcubi mistress is
- Quite weak in Pvp until lvl 6 (well, at least in my experience)
- Ugly hero, lol
- Long damage range (example: succubus dmg 6-13) makes it exploitable via curses. It would be great if u get bless rom ur teammate, though
Well, I've found that for hunting my best faction would have to be Necro.
Being able to raise, use magic, drain life and have large stacks make them the easiest to use(in my opinion).
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