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is there no one in finance and other forum?

Authoris there no one in finance and other forum?
Complaints and applications - Finance and others

i posted yesterday this


no reply till now
Yesterday? You posted something 1 day ago and you except someone to reply quickly? There have been other posts that have taken longer then that, please be patient.
And about your post:
player sam201 has recrited 2 people to clan but now when i ask her to give gold for recruiting she do not reply at all and comes online everyday
May I ask what you expect admins to do? They probably WILL NOT give you your gold, at the -best- they might do is fine the person double the gold the person is supposed to give you. That's all. You probably could take better actions yourself, i.e. kick the player out from your clan.
but i think she should get this penalty so that she realize her mistake and never do this again with anybody else
*she should get that penelty
Every player you recruited, you must give 700 gold to Kanss and remaining 300 gold can keep also you can get 2 points per recruit.

3.26. Financial pyramids are forbidden in this game (including creating recruiter networks for clans by promising them part of recruitment fees).

Also see read me first:

Be patient, juries are not only juries, they got a life to take care of too...
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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