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Trading cash for diamonds.

AuthorTrading cash for diamonds.
A player approached me with a offer to trade diamonds for cash.

Is it even possible, and is it legal?

It is illegal and most likely a scamming offer
Not legal. Not possible and totally a scam.
Thought so, thanks.
there is no way to send diamonds on this game to another player, you buy them you use them you store them
It would have been a big scam
um there is a way to send dimonds...for those who dont think so :P

its actually possible for ppl who donated 1000 dimonds so it is possible but however unlikely.
Hellboy: There is no way to legally send diamonds from one player to another. There is not even a technical way how to do it. After donating 1000 diamonds you get an option to HIDE number of diamonds you bought in your transfer log.

So unless you prove me wrong, well..
Not possible and totally a scam.
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