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Xp\fsp raitio

AuthorXp\fsp raitio
I just switched my level 4 wiz alt to necro,And I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to Max. out my xp /fsp ratio so as to get to level 3 or 4 necro racial before hitting level 5 combat.
losing group battle and duels with killing more enemy troops or participate in one on oneself game and get the second place.
I dont think that it is possible.

You have Necromancer: 0 (2.25) +17.8
So in order to reach faction level 3 you need 87.75 fsp.
You need 14.649 exp for combat level 5.

So in order to have faction level 3 at combat level 5 you need to gain 1 fsp every 14.649/87.75 = 166.94 fsp
In order to reach that by hunting only you cant get more than 166.94/2 = 83.47 exp average in all hunts.

I think if you lose duels / group battles you ll come closest, but wont make it.
Losing PvP gives around 300 exp and 0,6 fsp. While winning PvP gives 1200+ exp and 1.2 fsp.
This one was taken from etherealitys personal description:

----------------exp-----racial--racial / exp
duel win--------1.0-----1.3---------1.3
duel lose-------0.3-----0.7---------2.33
everyone 4th----0.3-----0.5---------1.67
everyone 3rd----0.4-----0.8---------2
everyone 2nd----0.5-----1.2---------2.4
everyone 1st----1.0-----1.5---------1.5
AI win----------0.2-----0.5---------2.5
AI lose---------0.06----???---------???

if it's still right, the best way is to make second place in a "everyone for oneself"-battle.
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