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invitation program

Authorinvitation program
how can i invite?
Use the reference link.
what is refrence link?
www.lordswm.com/?rid=304877 <- your reference link
when u go to invitation program u will see reference link
advertise that link eg write it in your profile the one who watches and want to make his new account he will use it and u will get 500 gold per his 2nd lvl up
and 30% of his rewards too
but how he will use it? i am new when i regiter there is no refrence link option.. please answer immediately
Oh man..))
Yeah, of course there is none when you register without clicking on that reference link and there won`t appear any kind of message indicating the registration after having used this link...
U simply register - the referrer simply gets his 30% cash.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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