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should i keep 62 recruits of 30 bowmen ?? need advice please! :)
Bowmen for hunts+mg quest+pvp

Recruits for thieving+survival tour
Try asking here, you will get many answers from people that all have been where you are
That is the knight faction Q&A

In my personal opinion it depends how you want to play.
i would say recruits for hunts and survival and theif
And bowman for pvp and merc
i would say recruits for hunts

No... just no, stick with bowmen.
And its an even easier choice at level 8, x-bows ofcourse.
bowmans no recruits
for all cases, go for the bowmen

bowmen have more attack, more defence, more damage, higher initiative, ranged attack and more hitpoints....
It also depends with skill level

Skill level 1 you can get 30 bowmen for 75-80 recruits
Skill level 6 you can get 45-50 bowmen for 75 recruits
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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