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Talent point question with level 10 and DE

AuthorTalent point question with level 10 and DE
Hi every one



When I look for entire combat, I see :
-> + 1 row at settlement (using tactics) (8 + 8)
-> 43 shrews at the beginning (using rally) (10 + 10)

For using in same time RALLY and TACTICS, I need 36 points but on level 10, we have only 35 points....

Who have an idea ???

(u can write in French or English)
Dark elves' "Offense" talent sector cost increased to 8, "Sorcery" decreased to 7;
In the past; before the Grand Update in November 2009; you could get those talents for only 34 points because Offense only costed 7 points per talent.
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