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How much hunter guild's point and fsp do you get?
Hunter's guild right? And FSP?
No, 1 Hunter Guild, 0.5 FSP. 0.1 Hunter Guild for assist.
Both are the same I suppose

0.5 when you do a hunt alone

and 0.25 when you assist (In an evenly killed battle)
Oh and forgotand 0.25 when you assist FSP

I'm not sure. What I wrotedown is like a N00B estimate! xD
Oh sorry in the topic I forgot to add...

The question is how much fsp and hunt points do u get for asking assistance?
Look at his battles, he has fought 38 battles, 37 alone and 1 assist. Now look at his hunter guild points. He has 37.10 so 37 alone + 0.1 for assist = 37.1.

Look at his FSP. If you subtract .25 you have 18.5. Double that you get 37 which is how many battles he did alone. That .25 subtracted is his assist FSP gain.
So if you still can't get it you get the following points for assist:

0.1 Hunter Guild points and 0.25 FSP.
How much hunt guild points do you get for asking assistance?
Please, please, please READ! I just said

0.1 Hunter Guild points
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