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how is it possible ?

Authorhow is it possible ?
when i was lvl 2 i attacked a monster when i attacked with my fk then critical damage how its possible it become available at lvl 5
sry at lvl 3 is avenger guild available
can you give the link.
oh sry my fake account got i didnt know link
Go to the combat log, right click on the date/time of the battle you were referring to, then click on copy link location. (for Fx) Or anything similar if you are using some other browser.

Then again I believe you probably have seen it wrongly.

Last note, having fake account is against the rule, you can have only up to 3 accounts (1 main, 2 additionals) and have them properly signed on your profiles.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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