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how does enchanting practically work?

Authorhow does enchanting practically work?
when i want someone to enchant my items.

1. contact him (assume he agrees) and ask what elements he needs.

2. transfer the items and elements to him

3. wait to get enchanted item back

is that correct? or is there any way to make it safer? because..
possible disasters that could happen:

1. he steals the items, though it's not allowed

2. he never goes online again or for a long time
Well the item you can send it with recall in 3 days or something so you can always withdraw it after that time passes and he can't use it.

Also elements you should send for one enchant first ( example +earth damage ) wait till he puts that in blacksmith ( you can see that on leased items - that item is in blacksmith and what enchant is in progress ) then send him the elements for the next enchant before first finishes etc etc.
safest way is to use enchanter that you know. preferably from your own clan. someone who played "greens only" with you :P
send with recall.. sounds interesting . what doyou mean? that when he doesnt accept the transfer i can get it back, or even after he accepted it?

haha that was spooky to read ;)
because i didnt see the name..
someone wants to boost his guild points =)
When you send an art with recall in x.xx days (you must also specify transaction price, usually 1 gold for enchants, and check the box "repairing allowed") means that before he accepts the art you can withdraw it any time and even after he accepts it you can withdraw it after the specified x.xx time.

For the elements there is not a guarantee but if you choose someone with high Enchanters Guild and from a big clan is almost a guaranteed transaction.
good now i know how it works in theory.
but how to make a transfer with recall? in which game menu can i find that function?

i see only the normal permanent transfer.

Artifact shop


Private mail
Transfer <<<<------ i see only this

Transfer log
Combat log
Game log
Quest log

Last combat

Find a player
Your friends
Your photos

Personal settings
Invitation program

About the game
i can'T even transfer artifacts there.. only elements and minerals :(
Go to inventory and below the arts durability there is "transfer" option. Click there and you'll be able to transfer the art. You need to :

1 Enter character name (receiver's)
2 Specify price (1 gold for enchants or repairs)
3 Specify transfer type (check Transfer with recall in)
4 choose 0.01 days, 0 battles and check the "Allow repairing" box
5 Click "transfer"
6 Job done

im stuck there. it seem like there is more text under the transfer button
when i copy and paste i get this:
Specify transfer type: Do not transfer
Transfer to receiver's disposal
days, combats Allow repairing

bad i cannot acces it :(
Try with an artifact. Ale is a present.
thank you ^^ awesome help erekose.

is allow repairing needed for enchantments?
Yes, it's needed.

--- i cant believe i'm still to dumb to do it ---
ok that was just for the stupid 1 gold.. *cough* now it worked.

the transfer i made to you is kind of funny.. you can neither wear nor enchant it and you cannot influence it at all oO
so is it really a transfer? phylosophical question
I accepted it. And yes, I can't do anything, but I could if you had checked the box "allow repairing". Now go to inventory page and withdraw it :P
why :P it likes you
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