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about the ars sending for repairig from additional chars

Authorabout the ars sending for repairig from additional chars
3.13.3. Additional characters are not allowed to transfer items for repairing or enchanting.

Who are responsible for consequences of transfers: add char or smith or both?? Should the smith check every owner of artifact sending for repairing? Or it's matter of owner conscience?
nobody can answer??
Usually on this server, noone answers within four minutes.

As to who might be the responsible person, that will probably be reviewed from case to case. The additional character is for sure responsible, since he or she knows it's an additional character.
I think that rule refers to no repairing or enchanting amongst your own additional characters.
To #4 - That's not what the rule says.

Remember, additional characters are intended for familiarizing yourself with other factions. They are not supposed to have all the capabilities of a "Main" character.

Obviously the Admins have decided that this extends to enchanting and/or repairing. I imagine the Admins decided to handle it this way because of the all too common practice additional characters paying for "repairs" done by the main character. As an example, the character Commander benefited from enchanting paid for by another players additional character. I understand that Commander may have had additional characters that reciprocated to the other players "Main" character. The Admins obviously didn't intend for this sort of "mutual assistance" by additional characters to be available. Especially when it is all too often just a single player claiming to be 2 or more people.

I don't see why everyone sees their additional characters as Piggy-Banks that are to be used to the benefit of the "Main" character. They are highly restricted in what they can do, and there are very good reasons for this.

for Grunge:
and to #1???
To #1 - Under normal circumstances, the smith should not be punished for repairing the artifacts of an additional character.

*However*, if there is reason to believe that the smith was aware that the character asking for repairs was an additional character - I suppose there is the possibility that the smith could be penalised.

As an example, if you repaired artifacts of your own additional character, or the artifacts of an additional character belonging to a "friend" (especially one that has the same IP as the smith) I have no doubt that there would eventually be a penalty applied.

Probably the safest thing to do is check the personal info of those sending you artifacts. Any additional characters are *supposed* to have this fact noted in their personal info.

Just remember that if you already know they are an additional character, you should avoid repairing for them. You might not be penalised, but then again there is a small possibility that you could be. It would really depend on the evidence available to, and the opinion of, the person assessing the infraction. If you have at least checked the personal info of every client, then you reduce your chances of being accidentally entangled in improper dealings with an additional character.

ok. i think in a similar way. is's logical. but i want some confirmation from administration too...
Yeah, well since the admins don't read much english and don't visit these forums at all, you could be waiting for a long time for "confirmation".

Good Luck

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