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Apparatition Merc quest - Bug ?

AuthorApparatition Merc quest - Bug ?
Is this a bug?
It seems an un-winable fight as the apparatition always heals himself fully.
After 10 min fight the apparatition was at full health and i was dead :)

Apparations will drain your troop mana which will restore their health.

So , no bug at all.
Just use your mana fast next time ;)
thanks - i am aware of this ...
but in this case the fight is un-winable as apparatition monster heals himself with massive amounts about 2000 HP.
Did you actually look at the fight?

Maybe i am missing something.
well, you can't miss 3 times in a row so you made a mistake at the very start - your bowmen missed twice meaning next hit was guaranteed -- and you attacked with 1 forest keeper :)

i know it was to take retal but, not an opportunity to pass up i'd say
you also can't hit 3 times in a row - if you'd have known that, you'd have won!
#4: I didn't watch the whole fight, but I know the problem. If I recruit magi I have the same. My solution would be: Block your druids with other creatures in a corner and use up your mana as fast as possible. If you really have to use sprites, stay away from the monster and use your mana, too.
I think i am either mad or people are not looking at this fight :)
Please tell me i am not mad.

Sure I did a few mistakes (taking retail on third hit was not one)
but the issues is that this 2000+ HP monster healed himself with each hit by 2000 HP which means it was always as full health.

Which means my only chance of winning was to kill him in one round - which is maybe not impossible but very hard - especially with the misses.

I still think this maybe a bug.

Am I mad? :)
thanks Nutella - the first sensible reply :)
Yes using Sprites might have worked but still hard to do 2000+ dmg in one round.
Or you could have just used faeries, just a bit of difference
It doesn't heal itself automaticly. It steals your creatures mana, and heals itself with that.

So, if it doesn't get any mana to steal, it won't heal itself.

Sprites and Druids have mana. So, whenever it hits them, it steals their mana and heals itself. If you remove the sprites, and hide the druids long enough for them to spend their mana, the Apparition won't heal itself.
yes that would work but still healing it self for +1500 HP several times by hitting 6 sprites and 8 druids seems a Bug or wrong.

The apparatition ended up with as much HP as it started and I did probably more then 5000 damage to it.
Each point of mana fully restores one unit of apparition (which happens to have 2000 HP), its no bug. Either don't recruit any troop with mana, or make sure mana are depleted quickly.

Sprites could used dispel once and fully depletes their mana, druids need to stoneskin twice.
Thanks - great answer :)

Case closed.
It massively healed itself twice :
- at the beginng, it was 2099/2124. It killed faeries : back to 2124/2124
- middle of the fight : 541/2124. It hits druids : back to 2124/2124
- toward the end : 769/2124. It hits druids which had still 4/12 mana : back to 2124/2124
- Then a 4th time, it hits druids and heals once more.
- At the very end, it sucks the last mana points of druids and heals.

Apparition is fully healed when draining mana
It seems draining 1 mana each time : druids were 6/12, allowing 6 healings.

At the end, apparition was nearly full after having killed last druid.

Next time, use your troops' spells (lighting and wasp swarm) and avoid throwing your druids in the fight.
Work a little on your strategy..I noticed at least 4 times..You had a chance to deal a 100% hit..But u used a hero..or weak creature..
^I meantused hero..or a weak creature..
yes true - but by that time I ignored all tactics and was staring with my mouth open at that fully healed monster :)
use your troops' spells (lighting and wasp swarm)
you cant use wasp swarm on dead creatures.
You have to use dispell on one of your own units (it will have no effect, but will just remove all 10 mana)
btw.. why did you heal the monster?

i know i' not sensitive.
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