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Nutella Thieves' guild: 3

AuthorNutella Thieves' guild: 3
Congrats,u finally got there
Oh, gratz :)
watch your luggage, people. the thief is commin' ;}
Congrats ) Everybody be careful, if you're travelling be sure to hide well your jar of nutella or you might be ambushed by the Queen of the hazelnut cocoa spread )
I'll go full arts

bring it nutella!

good job girl! Keep up the good work warrior!
Congrats Nutella! Even beat me to it :S
Congratz! ^^
Thanks a lot, it was pain. So much pain you don't have to fear me ambushing you for the next 3 zillion years. :D
^^ Gratz, honey ;)
the next 3 zillion years
^^ Knowing you it could also mean the next 3 days :D
Herzlichen Glueckwunsch :)
^^ Knowing you it could also mean the next 3 days :D
Well, you are in the same military clan.... so no fear is needed....

But congrats Nut :)
Knowing you it could also mean the next 3 days :D

Haha, you know me well. ^^
congratz ! very good work :)
congratz ! very good work :)
Good job ... and enjoy my gold for your amulet ;)
^^ for Sven91: Actually i'll be happy if ambushed by her, so its fear of something that wont happen ...
congratz mom :D
late, but gratz all the same mom :)
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