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selling crystals

Authorselling crystals
how can i sell 2 crystals in a minute? Can anybody tell me?
sell to market with price 1 golds. i think less than a minute
Pretty difficult to do this.

I show you some ways:

-Sell at market with lowest price
-Find any factories that can buy your Crystals
where to sell crystals in market,I don't know.
put them on the market at cost 369... you make a loss of 4 gold per crystal due to empire's tax but people will snap them up quickly especially now during the resource shortage. i know that i would buy them if i saw them at that price.
There are enough greedy people around who would buy it for 1 gold less then market price, faster then you can kill 2 gremlins.

But probably you've got 20 PMs in your inbox when you're online again.

So problem solved, case closed? :D
sell them for 350 gold... best way
me pesonnaly, would just find the least amount and subtract as much as i should (low enough so people buy, high enough i get enough money)
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