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Millitary Clan War???


AuthorMillitary Clan War???
quick question??? How in the heck are we going to have a millitary clan war??? What we go do fight 30 against 30 at 1 time or wat??? any ideas???
nope we wont
Military clans were just a trick from the admins to steal our gold and give us false hope
for Sven91:
Sadly, I don't think Sven was being sarcastic :-(
yea the reason i asked is because me and my cousin was conversating about this and couldnt come up with an answer at all.........
yeah Sven is right...
I disagree. Even as 'merely' a status symbol, they are cool. They are also useful because they provide an easy way of identifying a player.
no if i payed lots of money thinking that military clans would have special fights and be able to own property, and i would hopefully get some money from that, a symbol is not worth it at all. I WANT TO FIGHT! ( or at least earn my money back)
i want my money back!:>
No admin forced you people to join a militry clan , nobody forced you to make it , then why crib ? It was you choice , you people wanted an upgrade , you got it !

Anyway no point crying over split milk .
but i think now when ended the survival tournaments something should come
but i think now when ended the survival tournaments something should come

nope i think we had moved back where the dark ages where happened year ago..during that time no update, no tournament , nothing to come ,admin just come in refill gold to let us enroll..

we join a military clan because we hope an unpdate ! dawarf ... war ... and more

without this update the military clan doesn t do something ...

1 MC = mini 2M500K gold

10 MC = mini 25M gold only for empire ... and for what after ? nothing !

now i don t play this game ... and many people stop the game for that ...

maybe it s the admin wish that for close the server ...
they are doing a good job at killing it slowly then
If admins don't do anything, I'm afraid all of our hard hours of enrolling will be a fail then. So far, the only use of MC was stated before, a status symbol. We want WAR!
More and more top players might quit because of no updates...we certainly don't want that to happen now, do we?
ignorant people don't you see that you act like little babies who want a new toy.. ?
your cries won't speed it up. war is delayed on both servers, because the server's aren't updated to the required capacities.

there are 2 possibilities:
1. war will start sometime, maybe in 6 months, who cares. then you can still use your MC.
2. war will not start and the game will net be devloped further. then your money and everything is wasted ANYWAYS
Well I agree we need this war just as much as anybody but i like having the symbol by my name. Im proud of the clan im in - arguably the best clan in the server - and it identifies me as that. But 40k for a symbol is a bit extreme. still i wouldnt have my money back given the choice = )

bring on the clan battles

besides even if empire doesnt hold them its still possible The GB tourney clan held some inter clan battles. LOS won what more can i say...
LOS won what more can i say...
weird eh, for a tournament organised by your own clan ^_^
LOS won what more can i say...
weird eh, for a tournament organised by your own clan ^_^

oh the old WGW jealousy creeping in ...

you know this was fairly moderated and overseen and you know that arctic is the GB tourney leader a member of WGW so we wouldnt have been able to cheat, better luck next time Warriors guild

(all in good humour, not having a go here)

oh and this is totally off topic but sven as a WGW member do you know what the fates of WG pride and destiny are? surely kotrin can only be in 1 MC? or will he hand over leadership when the time comes?
yeah, you're so cool ;) we re all jeaulous on you ^^
and if kotrin leaves, im sure someone will replace him.
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