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witchhammer gone?

Authorwitchhammer gone?

requiring password now :(

any other sites with artifact cost per battle?

Try looking at Warriors' Guild Clan page.
I remember the following:
Level 5: Light axe + Defender's shield
Level 6: Light axe + Defender's shield + Leather helmet (or was it armor? Wait, I think it's armor)
Level 7-8: Light axe + Defender's shield + Medal of bravery + Leather ???
you just gave me an idea

google cache: itchhammer.ru+artifacts&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&client=firefox-a

copy it while you can :)

^there it is uploaded as saved webpage, if anyone wants to rescue it for themselves or others
Link for cost per battle on WG forum:

witchhammer isn't gone they simply have a technical malfunction!
(I would guess between php and MySQL db)
Any 1 has a copy of Hunter guild? :(
how about MG quest for army?

jk, that woudlnt work
Work now. Problem has been solved.
i already made my own min arts calculations.. :P with the basic info you get about cost per battle fro mthe warriors guild forums.. any1 needs min cost for AP 24 xD?
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