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enjoying the game

Authorenjoying the game
any idea how you can enjoy this game.i mean after battles we need to wait for so much time. what can we do in that time. many people get bored because of the reason of waiting.
I often do a merc quest, so i restore my troops while traveling. And I play tavern games (42 to go!)....
what di ido is fight long group battles they are oft intresting if there r no afks
Read forum , play roulette , chat , tavern ...
any idea how you can enjoy this game
You can't. Just find a game where you don't have to wait, if you need constant action. You'll be doing yourself a favor, trust me.
^^ How can you make statements for others?

I enjoy this game.
I watch battles, or I chat with some players or another persons using YM

But everyone can enjoy their spare time with their own ways

Hav fun
DEATHisNEAR: I'm not making any statement for you, just for him. He seems like the kind of player I am (not content with waiting if I'm playing something). For a while, I was able to fool myself that I was also doing something else, not just playing, but it just wasn't enough. That and the lack of interest from the administration, the socialist economy and the introduction of stupid rules made me leave this game. And I believe he will follow the same path, since he seems (from a 1st impression anyway) to be the same kind of player as I am.
kto govorit po ruski?
[Player banned by moderator Kotrin until 2010-03-19 13:02:25 // English only please. And off-topic. Warning.]
Hmm tavern, yeahh .. nice cards game .... Love it always .. but full of luck and too little of stack of bets
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