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TasKurPavaro sets a huge(r) record against royal griffins!!


AuthorTasKurPavaro sets a huge(r) record against royal griffins!!
Well what can I say...

some time back you may remember this overwhelming response to this thread


well hes only gone and done it again!!

03-21-10 15:08: TasKurPavaro[12] vs Royal griffins (2620)

Battle link:

smashing the lv 14 record!!

Royal griffins #153TasKurPavaro [Elf] [12] - 2620[Full] [Chat]
#181lordmexx [Elf] [14] - 1776[Full] [Chat]
#181lordmexx [Elf] [13] - 1366[Full] [Chat]
#279cragg [Elf] [13] - 1217[Full] [Chat]
#181tom82 [Elf] [13] - 1211[Full] [Chat]

Royal griffins #102Petitoth, #181lordmexx - 2047[Full] [Chat] #153TasKurPavaro - 2015[Full] [Chat]
TasKurPavaro - 2015[Full] [Chat] #181lordmexx - 1776[Full] [Chat]
Dionysus, Antos - 1983[Full] [Chat] #102Brilliant - 1574[Full] [Chat]

killing almost as much as 2 players!!

Quite an up and coming star

well done Tas
Hold on a minute!!

all factions didnt update

He beat the 2 player record!!

and against 4 stacks!
grats mate :D
Thats.... That's the greatest achievement in the history of LordsWM!
Forgot: Congratulations!!!
Omg u done it ...hehe butif royla griffs could fly u would be dead :) but now they cant sou so u pwnded the old record
aha .....
Crazy man, nice job!
Awesome, Great Job!
gratzzz mate your the man!!!!!!
which is the next hunt?i mean how many....and wow grats i doubed last breath is good on something....but it is.....unbelieveble....
thnx thnx :)

I thank to my clan (League of Shadows), that they responded fast to my mail for enchanted arts and some GH arts which i needed to win this hunt.
wow~~ Great job, very very nice!
good job
last breath is a very powerfull talent for hunts.
just make small stacks of 2 units to block shooters, and neutrals will need 2* more time to kill them: your shooters can shoot 2*more times and you kill 2* more units.
last breath talent is like a talent giving +100% damages to shooters ^^

when i made my secondary character i wanted to use last breath as soon as i can.
i looked at knights talents tree, and with 7 talent points for defense they needed level 13 to learn this talent (now they need level 14)
i planned to make hunt records at high level, with a huge stack of crossbow, covered by stacks of 2 recruits.

i didn't looked at elves talents tree: my mistake.
i thought they would be unable to learn this talent before level16 or 17, because they need 10 talent points to take defensive talents...but in fact they can learn it at level 11.

very good job TasKurPavaro.

just a little suggestion for your next record: instead of waiting all the time with sprites, you could cast their spell to slow down the griffins ;)
GJ Taskur!

@ Karsot. Spell from sprites does not knock (
just a little suggestion for your next record: instead of waiting all the time with sprites, you could cast their spell to slow down the griffins ;)
wasp swarm casted by sprites have no effect on the ATB bar
yeah,but the time i was looking at it,sprites have no retal right??

he could atleast attack the R.G when after a move with 1 sprites.
i know it wouldnt do anything..but it would be nice.


Super Awsome Job
the battle was great n crazy!!!!!
good job :)
but one point : lvl 14 players hunting for HG points not for records , and everyone knows ,its cheaper do hunt with assist then alone :) that is why Taskur beat us :)

I saw this tactics with ,,last breath,, long time ago in Antos hunt against Angels :P
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