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TGI scam (Be careful!)


AuthorTGI scam (Be careful!)
Remember about the case which nobodiez was trick by warnra?


This also happen to me. So in order to prevent this criminal activity this.
I will tell you how he/she worked.
The words in the brackets are his words that he said to me via Private Mesagge (PM)

1. First,he will offer you a TGI with a very cheap price and he seems very kind and friendly ("only 300k")
2. Then,he will said that the TGI is in his account and he will give the password,but transfer the money first to warnra ("its on this account look i was going to give u account and tgi and can u send the gold to my friend Warnra")
3. To make you believe him,he will swear (or anything) like this : ("i swear i will give u pass after u send 300k to Warnra within 5 minutes of u sending the gold")

That are his tactics to trick you. So be careful if you find a player send you PM like that.

I tried to find more information about him and he answered honestly that his characters(or multis) are :
1. dark_minotaur
2. warnra
3. lubu67

So if you get any PM from one of them,just avoid it,don't reply, and forward it to secretary.
But also be careful with other character's names that asking you about password, transferring gold or selling arts but you need to pay first. You should ask in forum before you make a deal with him/her.

I hope this will be useful for every player in LWM community to prevent any hackers in this game. Be careful!
hackers??? @.@

they are 'scammer' ;P

Thanks. I must be aware with this condition..
dark_minataur is my friend not my multi and lubu67 is his multi so id lightas but im just his friend
for Warnra: do I need to believe it? he said honestly for several times that the money should be transferred to you..clear enough then..
Hmmm .. I think we should put them into our blacklists .. and next time better be very very careful to deal with the Scammers
hackers??? @.@

they are 'scammer' ;P


Also hackers, hacked magicboy's account and stole 1.5 million from the future military clan Rising Phoenix...
i blame admin for this =D

same situation happen when police sleeping forever..

police : admin

who would transfer the money anyway? i mean if you are in mind)
i blame admin for this =D

Agreed - I have a great deal of proof of various cheating rings from my "Juries" duties but no way to take any action over any of it.

From observation though, it seems that ALL these current scams are bing done by just 1 or possibly 2 players. They have very large numbers of additional characters so watching out for the players named above wont help you as they will just use others.

If you remember the basic rules you will be safe:

1) Never give anyone your password!
2) Only pay for arts/etc during the actual transfer (i.e. when it shows in your inventory and you can either "accept" and pay the amount, or "decline"). Never send the gold seperately.
3) If a deal is too good to be true then it is not true!
Hmmm .. Deal with DiN Admins are sleeping .. many players like ULISS got his TGI stolen .. Admins knew it and they DID NOT do anything
scammers are like bullies (in real life) thy lie, threaten, beg etc, then end up stealing ur lunch money
Seems to be that Warnra is changing his scam slightly.

Now he is asking to buy TGI's at way above market price so he can sell to a friends of his! for 1 million gold.

The way this scam works is that he asks you to prove you have a TGI by sending it to him with a 1k price. He insists of course that he will not accept transfer (lol!).

If anyone asks you to send them this or anything else "to prove you have it" then always send it at the price you are selling for and never 1k.

Most people will think this so obvious that they will wonder why I am posting? Well, just look at all the people who have already fallen for this and others of Warnra's scams.
but i stopped her u know some days ago and stole her 98k.. but she is shameful.. exceeding the limits
yeah, but the people that DO have a TGI are a little brighter than the people without a TGI in general.....
Every level 6 wants to buy a TGI and some are dumb enough to fall for a scam. But I doubt anyone WITH a TGI, is dumb enough to fall for that
but i stopped her u know some days ago and stole her 98k.. but she is shameful.. exceeding the limits

What you did was just as wrong as the other people who scammed others. Having good intentions does not alter this and two wrongs never make a right.
If there is a permanent lack of administration and cheaters are mocking to fair players, what Artisian did was absolutely right.
Two wrongs never makes a right. Regardless his motive it was still worng. All this shows is one scammer can out scam another .
well, it doesnt matter if it was wrong or right

he should be thanked for getting 1/3 of his gold back
Then I guess none of the Rules matter just as long as everyone gets what they want at least that is what you are implying
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