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All about Necro faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy

AuthorAll about Necro faction: Stats, Talent, Tactics, Strategy
refer to this old topic: https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1864386

this topic will focus on all question relate to Necromancer faction. any similar/duplicated topic will be closed.
WHat talents should i take at level 7?
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I like basic nature magic and dominion of life along with a mana based stat mode. I also like spirit link with basic defence in a defencive based stat mode. it depends what your fighting. when fighting something like imps it is good to depend less on base mana and more on spirit linked mana, likewise when you are fighting undead or mechanical (vamps can't drain) it is better to have more base mana. It is really hard to find the right stats for necros beecause there are so many circumstances requiring different stats, but you will find one you like the best after trying a couple and then stick with it...
I've been thinking of an alternate build type for a necro.

Poison necro gets so much attention, and is certainly tough, but can be caught in a bad spot against barbs or other necros.

The build I'm working with now uses the same talents as poison necro, except without the SP. The points that would go into spellpower, go into attack instead, and you rely on casting Mass Disruption Ray to reduce enemy defense and further bolster your attack.

Here's one of the more successful fights with this idea so far:

Any thoughts?
looks good for higher level necros :) downfall however, is that as mentioned in the combat, high speed/initiative on the opponent makes it a lot harder than it should be.
mass dis ray is another good built with low or even 0 Sp.

how about get mass delay? :)

necro cant burst action is a disadvantage in fight while necro unit has average slightly high initiative overall. so, it would be nice that make everyone as slow as you ;p
So erudition+intellect is best talent at level 7?
and where should i put stats after i level up to 7,8,9?
Just a thought about the mass disr ray:


lvl 9 full art low skill necro vs lvl 10 min art high skill DE
And another one, hot off the press.

Thoughts anyone?
@Moonhunter- i am using erudition and intellect, and i find it is an aveerage build. I prefer an attack build with low knowledge and spirit link with basic defence HOWEVER using this build quickly deplenishes skeleton reserves.. Using intellect and erudition at lvl 7 gives many raises so you can rez skeletal bows and therefor save your reserves. This will save you much money in the future. You could also accomplish this with basic nature and dominion of life, if you have high mana already

As for your level up points, at lvl 7 continue into knowledge to about 5 or 6. After 7 you will want to use a potion of oblivion and go into an attack build with very low knowledge (perhaps just the starting knowledge, 1)
@Moonhunter- The talents that TheMarsh uses is really good but you can also use basic nature magic + Dominion of life with 50 mana for lvl 7 too.

Once your past lvl 7 go 1 knowledge and high attack build.Use talents such as spirit link + basic defense + basic erudition, this build works really well if used well.
@ Moonhunter

For level 8 everyone loves mass poison. It's a lot of fun to poison your enemies and then watch them die (muahahaha).

But I used magic build with Basic erudition, Basic sorcery and Mana recovery (it's cheaper). I put 2 to spellpower (sometimes I add 2 points from erudition for 4 spellpower), the rest in knowledge (4-5) and attack. During battles I used every spell ,except Wasp swarm and poison. But I couldn't win against elf in min ap duel. Don't think that necro can win in min ap battle against elf with any build.

For survival tour I used different tactics: Basic erudition, Intellect, Spirit link or Basic darkness. With Basic darkness I won first place, but couldn't do it again.

But best thing you can do is try every build to see which tactic suits you the best.
Ok i think that question was answered pretty well... seeing as nobody else seems to have any questions or input i'll go ahead and ask one...

Does anybody know if there is some sort of equation or something to how many skeletons you gain for your reserve at the end of a battle?? at first i thought it was based on how many your hero kills of the other battle but sometimes i don't get any or i get very few so that could'nt be right.. So, if anyone knows plz leave a message ^_^
The probability of raising skeletons depends on the Necromancer skill level and is proportional to the original living creature's health points. The rate of raising creatures at successful hunts is 5 times lower.

so i imagine chance per kill based on hp, 3hp = 3% chance or so
Can someone tell me how strong level 11 necro is?

which factions it can defeat easily or normaly in a duel? and which ones it can't defeat them at all or hardly?

Now i know they're all equal but there is a level gab here:)

This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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