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Pang's renaming of faction threads


AuthorPang's renaming of faction threads
off-topic: for those say who don't like Pang...there is answer for you in his profile you don't need to say it out

back to topic: did it hurt your eyes?i don't think so ..i think it's your personal problem regard the faction topic..please settle your personal problem at via pm and not to bring your problem to the public..we don't need want to know that..and you can't get attention from us either
I find the topics quite relevant. What else would we discuss in those threads anyways? Heh.

If they're those who find it hard to read, that would just be a matter of opinion I reckon. There is so much more to complain about than a faction topic header which seems legible to some, but maybe not so for others. Good part about it is that all the faction topics now have a similar format of title, making them stand out easily in GGF, which is always a nice point.

Anything personal, take that to PMs :)

if i had offense you in anywhere.

None taken. NO worries. I never found your replies offensive. Maybe crude and direct but I still dont understand why you go so defensive when someone make a remark about you.

A level 11 still needing those topics, *hihi*

Yes, I still read them at my level because one never stop learning. I find it very important to understand the 'psychology' of other factions in GBs.

take that to PMs

Assuming PM gonna work (I did PM him before writing this post). We'll see but I dont expect Pang to feel empathy for my old bleeding eyes. This topic was just looking if I am the only one finding it hard to read stuff. And it seems I am so I dont expect any change in the future for a minority me.
I better lock this topic becuase I dont want to annoy everyone with my 'personal' matter?
closed by Gyver (2010-04-07 01:54:28)
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