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Buying 0/x Durability

AuthorBuying 0/x Durability
I buy artifacts of 0/x durability
Steel Blade: 600g

Reprisal Sword: 2000g

Dagger of vengeance: 1200g

Sword of retribution: 4500g

Combat Staff: 5000g

Equilibrium Blade: 8000g

Longbow: 10000g

Sword of might: 12000g

Staff of Power: 21000g

Mithril longsword: 28000g

Mithril Staff: 28000g

Scroll of Energy: 14000g

Defender Shield: 1800g

Dragon Shield: 14000g

Ring of inspiration: 2000g

Chain Helmet: 2000g

Steel Helmet: 5000g

Leather Armor: 400g

Hauberk: 3000g

Steel Cuirass: 7000g

Cape of winds: 4500g

Cape of Spirits: 1800g
If anyone wanna sell it plz PM me!
Exiting offer!
closed by frozen_fire (2010-04-14 16:24:09)
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