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Poem On New Classes I Made

AuthorPoem On New Classes I Made
Since for the creative works forum it says post your pictures poetry etc. here, I made a poem on the new classes I made! Here you go!

From the West the Nomads begin to March,
As terrible creatures rise from the marsh.
Meanwhile, from the north,
An evil marches forth.

And even stranger,
Is the arrival of the ranger.
He leads the animals to the fight,
And shows the world nature's might.

Terror takes the heart of lesser men,
As ancient evil leaves its den.
And to surpass the strife,
Man will have to fight for his life.

Death to all is at hand,
The blood of men with stain the land.
The coming war with be great,
Pain and death, fueled by hate.

Running into battle with sword and shield,
Men will not so easily yield.
Yet, it is know to all,
The race of men shall fall.

Valiantly man may have fought,
But they could not survive the onslaught.
As the survivors watch their city burn,
Revenge is the only thing that they yearn.

The poem speaks of how the marshmen, rangers, nomads, and blackguard have risen to power, and have destroyed the race of men (knights.) The knight faction are those who survived the war, and seek revenge against those who destroyed their once proud nation. Please read the poem out loud, it sounds better! Don't forget to pause at commas and periods. Comments would be appreciated!
I thought it was intristing, good usage of rhyming words. It tells a decent story, and its a good thing in the CW forum after "the wave of faction posts" (as said by Skunder)
Yeah, after reading "The Wave of Factions" I decided to show a little versatility, and do something other than factions and monsters.
Yay , now that is what i call a creative work :-)
Nice work mate
Thanks everyone for posting,
after all these nice comments I feel like boasting! (hehe...cheesy I know.)
a welcome difference.
nice ,
though knights will sow their revenge :)
i think so !!!
Nice work dude!

Could you have imagined hitting the R instead of the E in poem.You would have had alot more posts:P
Lol Malz, porm.... sounds an awful lot like something. I can't quite put my finger on it.....
wow..making lordswm busted hard
thnx i am gonna use this for my Lit I class :D
yup its good
Good work.

Two things to critique-

1. Aren't Nomads and Marshmen humans?

2. Typo...!
"The blood of men with stain the land " with should be "will"
"The coming war with be great," same typo
"know" should be "known"

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