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Topic Date
Author Last message
Local rules11.09, 15:161Empire11.09, 15:16, by Empire
The Chronicles of skunder02.16, 01:03115Skunder09.10, 08:18, by Skunder
Scripts01.16, 19:2526ProZyk11.25, 16:08, by #2303lordsncrusaders
How to make and spend gold wisely to afford events and defences10.04, 22:313#7705Elrond10.05, 02:48, by #1209Galthran
New spells09.25, 16:036god_mom10.04, 11:33, by god_mom
New class: "Ancient Pharaoh" :) (or another name)10.03, 20:364god_mom10.04, 02:41, by #1209Marco Reus
Alt Pharaoh: Undying Pharaoh10.02, 02:394#1209diversecity10.02, 22:32, by #1209Marco Reus
New Faction : Bishop01.24, 08:5232#4201yopiwizard03.05, 06:20, by #1597Issy404
Perfect Battles Challenge 2022 Soul Imprints!12.15, 13:2515Ukak12.28, 14:57, by Ukak
New Alt Faction : Snow Bishop12.28, 06:413#4201yopiwizard12.28, 06:44, by #4201yopiwizard
What were you thinking when you were choosing your first class?04.06, 17:3359god_mom10.12, 07:59, by #9595eddy_immanuel
who do you think is the best hero for battles?12.22, 15:279Dark_Dwarf03.12, 13:19, by #9595Tony
List of Players who has a Unique Character Image07.09, 11:293Yaoi07.09, 11:57, by Yaoi
New faction: lwm character faction04.26, 21:539#7490Majblomma07.06, 13:47, by #9595Happy_orc
Perfect Battles Challenge 2021 - Mystery Mission02.19, 10:1319Ukak03.03, 12:14, by Ukak
Great Expectations Challenge01.27, 18:1014Ukak02.19, 09:45, by Ukak
Perfect Battles Challenge 2020 - Grinch version12.25, 15:3624Ukak01.06, 08:00, by Ukak
How I Saved LWM(and the West) From Extinction11.01, 18:3965#1597Modi01.05, 04:07, by #9595Igles
Russian website which analyzes win rates of various builds of factions02.05, 10:5412cjylooploop43401.03, 14:41, by cjylooploop434
A CPB estimator for Shop arts and a Calculator for Smith and Enchant09.24, 14:0212Void_Moon12.27, 05:56, by Void_Moon
Interesting facts that some players might not know about08.15, 01:1130Aurelija12.24, 17:19, by Sylin
Recreate Your Army11.28, 16:2712Ukak12.08, 08:33, by Ukak
Jokes !!!04.18, 00:011254MyDoom10.29, 10:06, by #7153DetherocEvil
Inner conflict07.09, 23:0045#9595PooDelivery10.10, 01:37, by #9595PooDelivery
Day of upgraded factions! :D02.21, 23:085god_mom06.30, 19:17, by #7490Marquise
Burden of the many.10.09, 23:072Darkcanis02.17, 23:10, by Darkcanis
Goblin idea for new tribal :)11.28, 16:174god_mom11.29, 18:45, by siddi1111
New faction: "Xenith" *just go with it09.07, 00:5412god_mom10.09, 16:30, by god_mom
New faction: "Asilyan" *just go with it*08.29, 00:5019god_mom09.04, 09:43, by god_mom
Create your best unit! Max 5 abilities!07.13, 13:5643god_mom08.02, 22:53, by The One Ring

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