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Recreate Your Army

AuthorRecreate Your Army
Challenge for everyone:

Before the end of this event, recreate your own army as accurately as possible, take a screenshot of it, and post it in your photoalbum. Share a link to your army in this thread.

Participation prize: 100 gold
Top prize for most accurate recreation: 2000 gold
Dude the kind of crystal they giving at even 50th battle..
I dont think everyone can do that

But i gladly accept your challenge XD
This challenge seems well-suited for lower level people I think but I'm glad you are taking it up.
flame on
61 shrews, 42 mino, 20 liz, 6 hydra, 6 witches

60 shrews, 42 mino, 20 liz, 6 hydra, 6 witches
+2% recruitment count

Not sure how +% recruitment count works, if they round down, then +2% is enough to bump my shrews up 1 while keeping the rest the same.

Here is my attempt :)

nvm can't get far :sob:
20 liz
How did you get 20 Liz? They are only in multiples of 3.

My Attempt:
Assailants are in multiples of 2 :)
Assailants are in multiples of 2 :)
Ah, Okay :) Thought they were normal Liz.
Now that the portal has shut, I will give everyone 1 more day to send in submissions. :)
Thank you all for participating in the challenge.

Top prize(s): Sylin, Void_Moon

Honorary top prize: Murali (not as accurate but more difficult since lvl 17)

Participation prize: Hapkoman, Uio

Rewards distributed.
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