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New faction: lwm character faction

AuthorNew faction: lwm character faction
Tier 1: forum trolls - pack attack, contamination

Tier 2: rouletteers - begging (when successfully hitting an enemy, this ability lowers the defense with 15 %)

Tier 3: illegal scripters - bankruptcy (after each move there is a 5 % risk that this unit freeze for 2 turns. during anniversary, the risk is instead 95 %)

Tier 4: stingy blacksmiths - large creature, fortification, fullmetal

Tier 5: level campers - unlimited retaliation

Tier 6: forum mods - rage, feral charge

Tier 7: uci users - petrifying gaze, regeneration

The tier 3 units have superior stats to all other t3 units we know today, but their special ability is nothing to brag about. T6 have high attack stats, but low defense. Any suggestions for the upgraded creatures?
Tier 1 Up: Troll Gods- pack attack, contamination, Devour

Tier 2 Up: Begging, Block (roots the creature to tile with itself till end of combat once this stack perishes the target creature has 0 atk and defense for 2 turns)

Tier 3 Up: bankruptcy, Bailout(the damage dealt to this creature is distributed evenly among its allies)

Tier 4 Up: Large creature, Fortification, fullmetal, Event queue(this creature can only be attacked by one stack at a time all other attacks from other sources deal 0 damage till the stack to first hit this creature perishes)

Tier 5 Up: unlimited retaliation, Pump(causes this creature to gain 7 atk and defence every turn which stacks)

Tier 6 Up: Rage, Feral Charge, unlimited retaliation Misinterpretation( this creature can interpret the stats of any stack attacking it as whatever it wishes and takes and deals damage accordingly)

Tier 7 Up: Petrifying gaze, Regeneration, Unlimited blade works (always has all elemental attack and defense modifiers at max)

how bout these additions?
Tier 6: forum mods - rage, feral charge


I would be forum troll/level camper. Could be a pretty OP combo with unlimited retal and pack attack
Tire 0: Commoners - Hard labour (enrols 24/7), walk by (reads forum and ignors everything)
Tier 1 Alt: Toxics - contamination, acid blood, hexing attack, life drain, immune to reasoning

Tier 5 Alt: Hiatus - unlimited retaliation, break (the lord in command of this creature has a 10% chance of leaving the game only to come back 1-2 years later)
Tier 5: People who copy other's tactics to win in events and get better ranks; Contamination, Demoralizing Presence, Petrifying Glaze (stops other people from going ahead in events)

Tier 7: People who play events themselves and then helps others; Large Creature, Panacea, Immune to Mind Control, Godsend (Sent by God himself to this game, best people around)
Immune to Mind Control
I would remove that from that unit :p
Good idea, like it a lot :D
love this!
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