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Local rules

AuthorLocal rules
These local rules govern only the ‘Creative works’ forum section. They complement the General forum rules which apply to, and must be followed in, all forum sections.

1. ‘Creative works’ is a place where players can post, share and discuss their creations. Avoid starting topics or posting messages not related to creativity.

2. Use topic titles that briefly describe the contents of your creative work.

3. You may post comments on someone else’s creative work in the author’s topic provided he/she does not mind. If he/she specifically requests that no comments be added, you may hold a discussion in a separate topic.

4. It is strongly recommended that authors post creative works belonging to the same genre in the same topic. Separate topics may be started if:
4.1. The creative works are of different genres (prose, poetry, art, etc).
4.2. The creative works are drastically different in theme from those posted previously.
4.3. If the content you’d like to add is longer than 10 maximum-length messages, or if you plan to follow up with additional posts.

5. Creative works submitted should be hosted on LWM resources whenever possible. Texts should be placed directly in the body of the topic; images and photos should be placed in the player’s personal albums. Texts may be hosted on external resources if they are longer than 100,000 characters. Multimedia works should be hosted on free public resources not considered as malicious links.

6. If the creative work is being shared by someone other than its author, an explicit disclaimer to that effect must be added to the post and an accurate attribution provided whenever possible. Plagiarism is frowned upon.

7. Post only if you have something meaningful to say on topic. Avoid empty posts consisting of e.g. only "+" or "-". If you cannot help ‘upping’ your topic, please make an effort to do so in a creative way.

8. If you’d like to run a creative project, two topics may be started:

– Topic 1 is where you describe the rules of your contest or game and discuss it. After the project is completed, this topic is closed.
– Topic 2 is where the submissions are added.

Note that this forum section is not meant for personal communication. Please use private messages instead.

9. If a clan runs a creative contest, all works should be submitted in the specific topic dedicated to that contest in the ‘Creative works’ forum section.

10. English is the official language of this forum section. If you submit a creative work in another language, include a translation into English.

11. Make sure to spellcheck your text before submitting it, especially if it’s long. If your command of English is limited, use word processing software or a browser with spellchecking turned on. Posts containing an excessive number of errors may be deleted. Posting of barely literate text, if repeated, is subject to a forum ban of up to 7 days.

12. A creative text full of grammar and/or spelling errors may be submitted, in part or as a whole, if that is a stylistic device such as satire, parody, etc. However, that fact should be obvious from the text; otherwise an explicit disclaimer to that effect should be added.
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