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Playing this game without scripts is so bore.
I've created this forum to document scripts that I find useful.
What use I'll have of this, we'll see.

This is link to old forum for reference.
This is the EventHelper Script.
It has many features
1] Fetches best fights for Dangerous bandits from hwmdaily, and offers one-click recruitment of the army.
2] ^Does the same for LeG events as well.
3] Provides misc features for different repeated events.

Author: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=7197821
Script: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/399402-eventhelper
There are videos attached on it's uses.

It has many features that I've not tested yet, that are specific to specific events like the Hunt event. But the author maintains this script, so it'll apply to future events.
Market Utility Script
This is my own, so I'm open to suggestions (in pm)

1] Adds details on cpb after multiple repairs for market lots,
2] Allows to sort by this cpb
3] Has input for repair rate

Image attached on site for reference.
Leader's guild Recruit sets
This is a lovely script to store standard leg recruitments for one-click switch.

1] Save new build
2] Load existing build
3] Delete existing build

Author: https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=216992
Image attached on site for reference
Elapsed time on combat and card games

1] Display the elapsed time on the tab title since last refresh

Mainly for keeping track of the 10-minute rule in card tournaments.

Author: http://www.heroeswm.ru/pl_info.php?id=15091
For old scripts like in #5, we may need to add https to the top of the scripts to make them work.

Old script has:
// @include http://*lordswm.com/cgame*

Copy and add:
// @include https://*lordswm.com/cgame*
Autobattle checker
This script simply lets you know the moment when free auto is available if you are wearing mirror or it's day of auto!
If you click after this point, mirror dura won't be used.

Author: Striker https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=216992
[Thanks to him for adding lwm support now!]
Image is attached in link for reference.
Intelligent parameters

Asynchronous distribution of parameters, sets of parameters
Thanks all, keep them coming.

Does anybody know if there is an updated version of the map move script since the graphic update? i.e. 1 click to go to any region

Already had to update the timer script but new version isn't as good
Set link & nick for transfer
Author: Denim
[Post deleted by moderator Edwin // ]

Hides icons like Tavern, Roullete, Chat from new desktop interface.

I'm planning to write a user script to modify the character page. Anybody have any suggestions on what they'd like to see improved there?
Combat Info Script

This is a script I am working on, the goal is to help with combat analysis.
It's currently in the alpha stage so there's still a lot of issues I have to work out.
See the greasyfork page for details.

- Hover over the faction icon to show the faction levels
- Hover over the lord/lady name to show total army HP
- Hover over the initiative value to show the current ATB position


Love this script^
any script for inventory?
like to make it easier and more organized than what we have
filter for set/weapon piece of armor etc
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