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Just to help you a bit, here you can find some scripts that are ALLOWED
its on the forum of the warrios guild (i found it by accident when reading shebali's profile ^_^)
But i think most of you will find some of them very usefull (timers and more sets and such)
So enjoy them =) !


*read all posts, they also say who made them and such
I dony have anything to do with those scripts (im not even a member of the warriors guild :P) but i just wanted to share the information with you, because its very usefull :P !
very good i was looking for more scripts it takes too long to make any good ones "/ although i should upload some of mine that are helpfull
wish i could figure out how 2 use they look cool
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Creative works".
i try to install it but failed...how to install? im using geasemonkey...after that drag the js file to page open and run but failed....btw im using the IE7 at office...mozilla at home...later go back will try...
Most problaby it works only with Firefox + Geasemonkey.
i have the one with recruit sets now
Its very easy =)
with one click i change from full bowmen and druids to full sprites and forest keepers
Easy for when you have to travel, bowmen are useless in an ambush :P
I down-loaded all of them
I'm using almost all of them - timers and recruit sets are my favorite ones for now :)
It's so easy to switch between max swords and max xbows now ^^
New link for me :)

But there is one mistake. I am not the author of Log2Table script :) Author is LazyGreg. I've already sent a message to Arctic.
Sven anticipated a little, those scripts were to be rehosted and then published at the forum roughly the day after tomorrow. Anyway, seem okay now, please read the instruction in the first post carefully.
lol, sorry ^_^
If you want you can delete this topic and create your own, like you wanted to do
as i said before, im not a member of warriorsguild, didnt know about anything of all these things, until i accidently clicked on the link in shebalis profile :P
for Sven91:
These scripts aren't for the Warrior's guild, they are for LordsWM community according to the will of their authors. The reason they are hosted there is, I did not publish them as part of Staff, but as one of the players of this game =) In other words, they are unofficial.
There is no need to lock this thread, let us discuss the scripts here, report glitches and express suggestions.

One announcement I'd like o make: if you compose a script and wish to use it in LordsWM (and perhaps, share it with the community), please do kindly contact me to pass it for approval to the devs.
i can not use them i have grease monkey and fire fox but when i open them it says error can anyone help?
unzip the file, then drag the file user.js onto ur open browser and click install (a box will open up)
I noticed (by using google translator on the russion forum and searching scripts) that there are like 30 scripts not said there. Are any of these legal?
Some of them aren't, but most of them are too specific to be offered to the general public. Examples can list scripts for traders that constantly buy and sell at the market, roulette adicts, smiths etc.
ah...like some I saw were:
a special image of your char on your homepage (which sounds kewl)
and a bunch of time trackers and such for buying stuff.
lol, thx Arctic and Sven91, very useful. :D
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