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Interesting facts that some players might not know about


AuthorInteresting facts that some players might not know about
Lets share some interesting facts from gameplay and history and interactions that some people might not know about. Here are few:

A unit with 30 attack attacking someone with 10 defense will have the exact same damage bonus as a 120 attack unit attacking 100 defense enemy.

If a flyer picks a movement spot to a tile an invisible unit is in, unit will not move and invisible unit will be revealed. Same happens if a nature caster tries to revive a stack stealth unit is standing on, the spell will not be cast, hero will lose turn and stealth unit will be revealed.

Strike and returning unit may sometimes take a diffirent path when returning than he did when going in for the strike. This may cause an interesting interaction with invisible units. I once had a shrew run to the target, hit it, then on her way back run into an invisible mistress. Shrew stopped and attacked her as well (as per rules of running into an invisible unit). She performed 2 attacks in one turn.

Share more!
Unless things have changed since I last played this game, the pathing is actually quite simple:

1. Follow shortest path.
2. If you have the option to pick between going straight or diagonal (without breaking the above rule), pick straight.
3. If you have the option to pick between multiple tiles (without breaking the above rules), pick the one with lower x coordinate, then y (in case x is tied).

This means a few things:

* Pathing is non-symmetric. This is what you observed the shrews doing.
If the shortest path from point A to B consists of 5 straight moves and 1 diagonal move, the shrew will first take the 5 straight moves from A, then 1 diagonal move to B. Then on its way back, it will take 5 straight moves from B, then 1 diagonal move to A, forming an elongated parallelogram rather than retracing its steps. This is the same for all units, it's just harder to see without strike and return.
* The whole game board is also non-symmetric. Due to the third rule, the game will favour the left, then top.
For example, if you move a unit straight up and there's an obstacle along the way, it will path left instead of right (unless there are more obstacles making the right path shorter overall, etc).
I.e. distance goes: same spot > left > up > down > right > left-up > left-down > right-up > right-down > left-left > up-up > down-down > right-right > .. due to how the game orders its coordinates.
* This coordinate ordering also applies to things like where phantom and gated units will appear.
E.g. stack in the top left corner will have its phantom appear on the tile below whereas stack in the top right corner will have its phantom appear on the left, etc.
When using madness ability of berserkers against foul Hydras,

The acid blood doesn't pour even though madness does a physical hit on those hydras.

weird isn't it?
When having "Dominion of frost" talent and hitting 8 units with "ice ring" spell you back them down only by 0.03 by ATB
(swarm at expert nature backs them up by 0.6 atb)

But the talent is intresting :D
Dominion of frost isnt knockback but freeze right? Not quite the same thing
No, more like blind...
If something has just moved a freeze is better than a wasp swarm :)
Unless things have changed since I last played this game, the pathing is actually quite simple:

How about this. Where do troops move after being scared?
https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=1021960358 craziest move pattern after fear.
Where do troops move after being scared?

I haven't look into that before.
Probably have to check these and possibly more:
- fear attack ability (flee towards the edge of the battlefield)
- other abilities and spells that "fears" the enemy (bear's fearsome roar, Tribal's ancestral wrath, etc.)
- cowardice ability (runs away as far as it can)
- maneuver ability (run aside)

In the linked combat, the merc archer is at 12:5 and the nearby corners are 12:1 and 12:10.
12:1 is 4 distance away, but with the bear blocking the way, it becomes 2 + 3sqrt(2) (2 straight moves, 3 diagonal moves), about 5.42.
12:10 is 5 distance away.

So it looks like fear simply picks the closest corner ignoring obstacles.
Then the actual <path> it will take to get these is already explained in #2.
I still don't know <where> the units will go in other cases like cowardice and maneuver though.
* sorry, it's 6.23, not 5.42
Got my sqrt(2) estimate mixed up
Phantoms with incorporeal ability can miss up to 4 times:
When playing Charmer Elf and having Imbue Arrow talent, using it in combat to enchant your attack with a spell will reset your turn timer. :)

The double turn: If your troop with higher ini has it's first turn after enemy troop with lower ini, then know that your own troop is likely to then get two consecutive turns without an enemy turn, either immediately or in the near future.
This is a very useful tactic in CG to find the right time to charge in.
Roulette is a Quick way to get rich
If you do a lot of battles in one day, a potion is the most cost effective way of making up min AP, particularly at the moment with the low cost (some are less than 100 gold per potion).
^That is a particularly useful tip at cl15, where obsidian sword gives 1 less tham min-AP. Obsidian sword + any cheap potion does the trick.
Nice way to trick AI to come and stand infront of your army using stackers.

Something that people mostly know but for those who dont:
When Charmer elf imbues arrow on one spell, he doesnt have to imbue the spell again unitl he wants to change the spell.
One I have only just realised. While having DoF as 48% seems like it is almost max, it tends to mean you get 2 or 3 less def reduction in raw stats. As such it is generally worth investing in the extra 2%, since 50% with rounding will get to a fraction which rounds the other way and means you get Proportionally more defence reduction.
Mercenary guild quests are no easy task.
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