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New class: "Ancient Pharaoh" :) (or another name)

AuthorNew class: "Ancient Pharaoh" :) (or another name)
Since the oroginal class is better on lower leveles, this alt class is recommend at higher ones.

Faction ability: Lords initivative is increased by FSL*2%, raising dead does not lower morale.

Special Talent: Summoned Elementals have 50% better Attack and Defense stats. Unlockable only with Advanced nature magic and Dominion of life talent. (Like fire dwarf talent with Dominion of fire). Maybe put an extra talent in nature magic that gives elementals +2 initivative or something.

Nature magic is only avivable magic here.


Tarantulas - Earth shield 25%, Web

Jungle Assasins - Earth shield 25%, Adapt, No melle penalty, Impair Armor 20%, shooter

Lion riders - earth shield 25%, double strike, shielded, large creature

Jackal priests - earth shield 25%, rebirth 50%, caster(rapid, bless)

Sun shamans - earth shield 25%, shooter, caster (raise dead, blind)

Jungle elephants - earth shield 25%, large creature, fullmetal, midget killer

Anubis statues - large creature, elemental, shooter, no melle penalty, no range penalty, plague shot, knocking shot, immune to magic

With help of elementals, this could be even playable on Clan PvP, and would constantly use his nature magic to hurt his enemies.
This alt pharaoh could be Aztec themed. They had pyramids too after all.
seems over powered
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