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AuthorDay of upgraded factions! :D
The factions we currently have are great, but make a day of upgraded factions? We all get some addon on raical ability.

Knigh - Upgraded gear: their damage and damage reduction is increased by FSL%
Holy knight - Pray: gains "revive" spell that revives FSL*80 hp on a living target
(can be casted once)
Necromancer - Never tired: random stack raises itself by FSL*40 after full round (when the target with lowest initivative finishes its turn)(does not lowers target HP, raised units can be finished or still standing (all random))
Unholy necromancer - Dark touch: every troop gains (20+fsl*4)% to apply a random darkness spell on advanced level on enemy (except blind, decay and disruption ray)
Wizard - Search for wisdom: gains FSL/2 bonus knowledge parameter
Battlewise wizard - (bonus talent on luck branch [row 3, battle rage needed][Adrenaline]): Troops deal (luck*5)% more damage
Elf - Battle spirit: Shooters recive 4 bonus shoots and recive 50% elemental magic and range protection untill first turn
Charmer elf - Agility: gain 1 speed and ability to pass obsticales
Barbarian/Fury barbarian - Eager for blood: gain FSL% bonus initivative for first round
Shadow barbarian - Woodoo: apply disruption ray on 2 random enemies every time lord gains his turn (applied before the turn, basic darkness spell, cant be done on same enemy in the same turn)
Dark elf - Fast reflex: gain FSL bonus range resistance (doubled for non-large creatures)
Tamer dark elf - (upgraded main talent)(saim things like normal but little addons)
Summon: green spiders(posion*2), flesheaters (drain life), nightmare spirit (legitalizing malady), war trolls (whirlwind)
Demon - Hell portal: there is a portal on the center of your side. Every 0.4 turns a random tier 1 to tier 3 stack comes out.
(Tier 1 - N= FSL*3
Tier 2 - N= FSL*2
Tier 3 - N= FSL*1)
(portal has same parameters as hero + FSL bonuses, and HP=CL*50)(50% range and magic resistance and considerd as "mehanical")
Darkness demon - (gains a bonus talent on darkness tree [row 4][Seduction][Dominion of mind needed])- basic attack with lord can seduce a target for 1.5 turns (only one enemy can be seduced at the time, seduction chance is (fsl+(kn+sp)*2) but no more than 50%, target can't be seduced more than 2 times per battle)
Dwarf - Element rune: troops deal bonus (FSL-5)% Air and Fire elemental damage on attacks (bonus cant be lower than 0%)
Fire dwarf - Elemental armor: when a troop is attacked, it deals FSL% random elemental damage back to the attacker. ((FSL*2)% on large creature)
Tribal - "Meat is back on the menu" *LOTR joke*: every stackcan consume a tribal goblin and raise the stacks morale by 2, attack by 5 and speed by 1 for 2 turns (Upgraded ciclops gain double by eating it, shamans dont recive 5 attack, but recive bonus 5 defence by sacrificing it)
Love it. Would be super interested to play certain factions on this list ) Shadow barb voodoo ability is my favorite (its hax but super cool concept haha). These things should only be applicable to pvp battles, non-tournaments, i would try them all out for sure :)
Well the point of this is to express the uniquness of the factions :) glad you like it
can be very fun day for CGs, just like recent tier 1 creature we had
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