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Topic Date
Author Last message
First official LWM poetic contest [support topic]03.15, 15:11154Worf04.26, 11:59, by #9595Igles
LWM poetic contest. Works03.15, 15:0319Worf04.09, 20:35, by #7490Astrid Swift
a Facebook group for LordsWM players !08.12, 17:2317ElvishW04.08, 15:21, by JP_Alexander
a new faction-humans04.07, 00:467siddi111104.07, 09:57, by siddi1111
Life is unpredictable.11.03, 20:2410devin_201103.29, 20:25, by devin_2011
Letter to Roulette12.11, 11:5241Pravin J03.28, 19:34, by Lord Hallion91
Faction : Night Elf09.19, 03:0628Lord Rampager03.13, 10:51, by devin_2011
new factions01.28, 08:283dJanny02.01, 13:54, by Worf
New Tiers08.13, 14:5517Serpentguy01.12, 12:06, by Fallen Atheros
Creative riddles - game related08.07, 14:23107#7705Lord BrownBear12.17, 18:32, by Loafoant
New Faction: The Cruzandra.01.27, 10:16116Lord Rendingblade12.11, 11:36, by archusz
[Sell] [Pravin J Gold] [1/1] [30Gold]11.27, 11:472Pravin J11.27, 12:45, by ElfPride
who's what free animated avatar for own?10.27, 18:186warrior10010.29, 18:36, by warrior100
Quite Awakening (writers note)09.02, 14:3622Lucid-Naz10.19, 22:23, by #7153DEATHisNEAR
Card tournament winnings09.04, 07:4411Sylin09.06, 19:10, by 4themassive
a Competition !09.01, 16:0918ElvishW09.02, 11:04, by ElvishW
Ermelloth and Viro07.06, 13:505Worf08.21, 01:57, by #4201virtual_vitrea
Art in Mspaint08.10, 21:4310cargo45608.12, 08:57, by cargo456
Short Story Contest [Edition-2] [Prize Fund- 5k] [No Entry Fees]06.18, 11:3031kushagra507.23, 16:16, by kushagra5
My LordsWM Poems02.28, 21:167R3B3L07.23, 00:28, by Dr Damage
New Faction- Eskimo05.13, 18:3418kushagra507.16, 15:55, by kushagra5
More from: The Chronicles of Skunder!03.05, 22:0370#4201Arctic07.12, 18:04, by #9595eddy_immanuel
Biography of the Ruthless Knight, Aracnide.06.17, 13:298kushagra507.07, 12:55, by kushagra5
[TextRPG][Beta][Wrath of the Witch]06.28, 14:228Loafoant06.28, 19:04, by kushagra5
Short Story Tournament Edition-105.16, 13:4343kushagra506.18, 11:16, by kushagra5
Avatar Creation Tournament!05.25, 15:2332Dr Damage06.01, 12:47, by Dr Damage
Biography of The Young Tribal- Kushagra505.24, 07:307kushagra505.25, 17:42, by kushagra5
Long Story Non-Contest, Ver 105.23, 11:593Dionysus05.23, 13:43, by Dionysus
I think of publishing a book03.24, 16:5853kushagra505.13, 09:42, by kushagra5
Hero Demo & Artifacts Influence Tool03.29, 22:1086DarkSooth05.11, 21:01, by #4201manufc21999r

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