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First official LWM poetic contest [support topic]


AuthorFirst official LWM poetic contest [support topic]
Ladies and gentlemen, dear players of Lords of War and Money,

Hereby I proudly present the first LWM Poetry Contest!

All LWM players starting from CL 3 can participate. Here are the rules of the contest:

1. The contest's theme is our game world and everything connected to it. Your poem can be dedicated to factions, guilds, combats, clans or even balance issues :) Anything can be there as long as it has any relation to our LWM reality.
2. The poem(s) length should vary between 16 and 64 lines.
3. The poems must be original and written by the presenting player. If judges find out you plagiarized the texts, you will be punished accordingly both removed from list of contestants.

The contest will be judged by the following arbiters: Arctic, Lord Syrian, Lady Laitha, Worf and possibly 2-3 other notable LWM heroes.

The victors will receive the following prizes:

1st place: 40000 gold pieces
2nd place: 20000 gold pieces
3rd place: 10000 gold pieces

Special achievement statuses for profiles are also considered.

Contest schedule:

*Today - 10th of April - players can post their works in appropriate topic;
*10th - 17th of April - evaluation period; the jury will grade the works and then publish its final verdict.

NOTE: In this topic players can ask questions, discuss the contest, etc. This topic is NOT for posting actual works.

All the actual works should be posted HERE:


It is not mentioned anywhere, but I assume it is only one entry per person?
I won't limit it to one entry per person. You can post as many works as you want, if they are all original and composed by you :)
*Today - 10th of April - players can post their works in appropriate topic;
*10th - 17th of April - evaluation period; the jury will grade the works and then publish its final verdict.

but this topic was created today on the 15th
I find it rather bemusing that a brutal blood thirsty Klingon warrior, son of Mogh and master of hand-to-hand combat, is in charge of organizing a poetic contest.

Do they have a soft edge to them after all? :-)
We love Opera, after all. Klingon Operas are incredibly brutal and entertaining, and romantic at the same time :)
you do realise this is march and not april?
p.s. i did not mean there's any error in your message, just that its a very long time frame
anyways good luck to everybody participating
no swearing? even masked swearing?
No swearing, however, you are allowed to grip Worf's right hand until he starts bleeding. If you also manage to break some bones, that settles everlasting romance!
Roger that :)
Oh, sorry, I've meant from today to 10th of April. ) Of course.
guys i have posted my poem
can u pls check it out and tell me how it is? ..... :)
Nice initiative guys,keep it up.We have already two partcicipants and i amlooking forward for more :)
Enjoyed reading two first poems:) Looking for more!
ParaLeul, nice work:) So we have 3 poems already.
do poems on our own characters qualify ?
Think this should be considered..
The poems look like masterpieces! Awesome poems!
I don't know; this was written 4 years ago. I will consult with the jury.

Meanwhile we got another poem in official topic:)
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