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LWM poetic contest. Works

AuthorLWM poetic contest. Works
This topic is solely intended for posting LWM poetic contest works. Nothing else is allowed to post here - all questions about the contest, discussions and opinions should be handled here:

I'd like to put up this poem for the while it is about losing a pvp and rising above it

The Fallen Lord

Moments pass by
Turning memories
Memories you’ll crave for one day
You are a fallen warrior
That is all I daresay

You are a fallen warrior
But still I do impart
You are a fallen warrior
Blood and pain and heart

And moments passed you by
And in this ghastly trance
You lie and,
none to revive

Tis true pain reigned you
All beyond reprisal
Tha anger that reigned your heart
Had not earned dismissal

The vengeance that clouded well
Your true intuition
Your body mind spirit unquelled
Seeking retribution

You are a fallen warrior
And if your wrath is done
You are a fallen warrior
Your faults stand undone
You are a fallen warrior
But still I do impart
You are a fallen warrior
Soul rent apart

A volley of emotions
Bitter sweet and grim
A volley of emotions
And agony to brim

The victory is hidden in plain view
Behold the war leering at you
Behold the enemy lines are rank
Behold the fleet approach the bank

It is the time to shed memories
Embrace the moments
Embrace victory
Rise again o valiant one
Snap out of your trance
Rise again o valiant one
Before it is too late
Rise again o valiant one
The devil knocks at your gate

Rise again o valiant one
Hear the dead legion call
Rise again o valiant one
For your sake and for the sake of all
Rise again o valiant one
The deed is not yet done
Rise again o valiant one
This war needs the ONE

- Igles "Lonestrider"
[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // Please avoid posting anything other than poem here, as requested by TS]
demons are red
faeries are blue.
if u dont want to copy a battling style
make one new.

the heroes need powers
like the scent of a thousand flowers.
orcs can fling
griffins can swing.

titans can thunder
and mistresses can make everyone blunder.
we need strikes as swift as wind
as the shadow warriors of alibaba's sind.

necros can raise
and also mummies.
sprites only sing praise
but zombies are just dummies.

highest attacks are dealed by elite forest keepers
and wardens are just demon slaying reapers.
tribals can chant words from hell
whereas goblins only eat at taco bell. :D

dwarven sit mounted on a huge bear
but to join thieves guild u always need to pay the thoroughfare.
nightmares can make u fear
while tribal goblins shit from their rear. :p

angels swoop as they kill
and the cries of rocs are extremely shrill.
chargers can damage as they go in their path
and everyone can obviously get killed in an attacks' aftermath.

orcs have bloodlust
and magma dragons are burnt from their crust.
while unicorns can drill even through diamond a hole
wolf raiders are as black as coal.

and at last even the mightiest shall perish with the nature's call
but for every heroe's sucess there in his future will be a mighty fall :)

hope u guys liked the poem....
its original and it took me about half an hour to think...)

thank you
[Post deleted by moderator MrBattleControl // As Requested]
War is like a game of chess-
The battle field is a ballroom,
Friends and enemies come together-
And waltz the night away.

King and queen,
Where have you been?
Your lands have fallen to the devils down below,
A knight stands solemnly among a field of blood-
Soulless was the heart that sung,
As the dance continues on,
Upon a dark grey board.

Roulette is like Heaven for gambler's
Heaven is converted to hell when the gold lost!
Factions are many.
But what to do i am not satisfy with mine.

Knight is quite right!
it does not has sprite,
it is actually bright
it is good for fight!

I love necromancer,
it is so far,
it do no die faster,
it is Always Riser.

Wizards are like gizzards,
Magic may differed,
We cannot predict its flickered,
finally its snickered!

Elves power is twelve!
It farewells faster like swells,
It shelve as a forest tress,
finally it is delve !

barbarian is vegetarian,
it is total totalitarian.
it is nonsectarian,
finally it is disciplinarian!

Dark is spark!
it has stark,
it embark with twilight dragons!
it is our's remark!

demon is freeman
it is like He man!
it is also called Steel man,
finally it is Friedman.

Dwarf is warf
It made for warfare
it is not other than morph,
And it always dwarf!.

Tribal is like mistrial
It is radial like a gang
it is rebuttal,
it is totally mistrial!.

I finally found an awesome game
to play in my life till i die!
A spirites tale:
One day while passing by a tree, I heard a sigh.
It seemed the oak could speak; I felt my knees go weak,
for like a siren’s song, his whisper made me long
to stop and lay me down upon his shaded ground.

Because the day was hot, I lingered at that spot.
The oak got in my mind because I felt inclined
to slip out of my dress, and yes, I must confess
it was as if that tree had cast a spell on me!

With words of poetry, he started wooing me.
His leaves then brushed my skin. I trembled deep within.
His branches were so lush, I hoped I would not blush
to think each sturdy limb might draw me up to him.

I don’t know how or why, but under summer’s sky
I disappeared into his essence and I knew
the tree had captured me. His wood nymph I would be,
for he and I were one that day beneath the sun.

As if immortal, now I live beneath his bough;
at times I disappear within him, but no fear
lives in me any more because the forest floor
I roam now with great joy; the woodland is my home!

Beneath the firmament, lost in my oak tree’s scent,
I feel completely free, his beauty all I see.
A young maid passes by; perhaps she hears us sigh
and thinks it but the breeze now passing through the trees.

But no, it is but I, beneath the summer sky
locked in my tree’s embrace, and with my new found grace,
I look at her and see the girl I used to be,
and my reality is this sweet fantasy.
Xbox, Xbox,
you're the one for me.
I also love my 3DS
and my Nintendo Wii.

GameCube, GameBoy,
Apple iPod Touch.
I never thought that I would ever
be in love this much.

Pac-Man, Sonic,
Mario, and Link.
Your names are etched inside my mind
in everlasting ink.

Run, jump, flip, hang,
double-jump, and climb.
That's all I want to do
with every second of my time.

This is true love.
Yes, it's plain to see.
Xbox, Xbox,
will you marry me?
-Pravin J (poet)
War is a game,
It proves that the worst loss,
Is a loss that was gained by a win,
The blood is shed,
The death is had,
Utter depression,
War happens over and over,
It never stops,
Peace is an illision,
War is greedy,
War has envy,
War shows wriath,
War enjoys gluttony,
War gains luster,
War provocks Pride,
War is made by Sloth,
Sins of 7 is what war represents,
And what war is Represented by,
Honesty is engolfed by deaf ears,
Unfeeling hearts,
And blind eyes,
War is words without meaning,
War is caused by love,
War is countined by hate,
War isn't good or evil,
It is a star that has reached its limit,
War doesn't care what, who, or where,
War is everything,
Power, strength, ability,
War runs the world,
Is simple,
But it repeats its self,
War is repetative,
What is war but a game.

Knights Don't Understand Me!

The battlefield is shining,
With a red glow!
We have won the war,
But my spirit is low.
The Swordsmen are dancing,
And are lifting their bow.
I am invited to the feast,
But I will say no!

I have been created,
Not for fury and rage.
My heart is beating,
But my soul is in a cage.
I am an angel,
And this is a difficult stage,
Am I to fight,
Or live like a sage.

The stories say war is a demon,
I bet they are not wrong.
My master says I shall fight,
And I shouldn't believe the song.
The song that children sing,
The one that is not too long.
The song says angels stand for peace
No matter how much strong!

The knights want to conquer,
The skies they want to soar!
To me they are like barbarians,
It hurts me at my core.
If fighting is my reason,
There must be more.
I want to leave the knights forever,
But loyalty was what I swore.

Comrades , We did fall
But still we stood tall
On Battle's call
With our sharpened blades.

Our mother betrayed us
We were left as orphans
In our own lands
on our own.

No events, No tournaments
No defenses , No fun
No happiness , No life
And of course Ignored.

Our beloved betrayed us
But one man had the guts
To relieve us from boredom
But later he wanted freedom.

We were left on our own
With nothing to own
Than a brotherhood
Guess what o comrade? we still live

We saw a huge battle in sight
A battle against monsters
Which had to be slain
But we could never sustain

Those were dark ages
Written in pages
by some sages
who sat in cages

A volcano erupted , Killing our beloved
Destroying our lands
Which were in our hands
We could not make amends.

The volcano caused death
The volcano caused sorrow
The volcano caused misery
The volcano Caused a mistery.

But there was a path
A path to freedom
A path which relieved us From boredom
And showed freedom.

The path was chosen
The death of our beloved
Was swallowed
And we arrived.

We arrived in the lands of mistery
With numerous events ,
With the meaning of love
With Misery derailed.

We started to move on
We worked in facilities
We Mingled with them
And jingled like them.

The dark ages ended
The future was bright
Our mind was set
Our glory was sustained.

Through the path
In the aftermath
We found a place of peace
A place to develop.


Thus, the merge let the .com brotherhood to mingle in the new land and here we are O comrade , Drinking a beer in the tavern of the .ru land
From a night of fog and cold
Comes a story never told:
Came a Demon into life
Into guts and blood and strife
From a man’s then broken soul.

Into battle’s heart misplaced
By his own despairing haste
He returned without a thought
Everything he ever sought
Was to lay all life to waste

Knowing only to predate
Knowing not of love or hate
Just the killing blow he aimed
At an enemy unnamed
At no foe, no heart, nor face

And the wicked woe of yore,
Those old dark days of before,
Were too real and leaning him
To a life of hope so dim,
And to war, forevermore

But in battle new he found
From the cries, and all around
That he was not there alone
In that wretched battle zone
In that frozen seared ground.

For beside him fought aswell
Not for heaven, nor for hell
But for glory and for pride
For the stubbornness inside
Of forever to excel

Great the brotherhood of Heroes
Sharing swords, their bows and arrows
And of all, of great remark
Sharing spirit, will and heart
To fight solitude and shadows

So a tale of Angels, Demons
Known throughout all Empire’s regions
Is of battles, winnings, triumphs,
Over dragons, beasts and giants,
Over armies, generals, legions.

And the biggest of them all,
That one victory that stands tall,
Is of how they came together
As true brothers, and forever
Be the Lords the bards applaud.

So indeed the future’s bright
Strong in magic and in might,
For our ranks are cheered and blessed
And the Leader is no less
Than one great “Sir Jedi Knight”.
This poem is about a warrior who is about to die for his Empire and is not recognised as a brave warrior.

The tale of the fallen

A glimmer of hope
Thought the warrior alone.
Many said nope
Although it was dope.

The bloodlust sword
The fallen wings
A lust for vengeance
For bringing him down.

The wise said ; " Everybody has their time"
Nothing much but a lie
Not the mightiest of all
Not the wisest either
But still a warrior for his lands.

This empire has time Only to boast
Of their accomplishments
And their matured people
Who swallow an iceberg a day
only to get the pay.

They love narcissistic matured men
Under ten inch monitors
Thus let the real saviors
To die underrated.

People who camp all places get alot of popularity
And call themselves illuminati
True warriors spill their blood
And die in the pheonix's bed.

Thieves attain immortality
campers attain popularity
Moderators attain illuminati
Warriors attain death.

The warrior seeks retribution
On all those who never recognised him
The warrior fought leaving his family apart
Only to die underrated.

At the pheonix's bed
His soul is derailed
His mind is destroyed
But his thoughts are for his land.

Will his vengeance
Answer his pain?
Will our gossips
Murder his gain?

O god I thereby pray
To not become a prey
In my next birth
In this earth.

O king of gods , Give me wealth
Make me look cold
And disguise me as bold
Thus I Won't die underrated.

Still I was taught to be a child
In the toughest of situations
And always be mild
And sometimes wild

I won't give a hell
even if they ring the death bell
I will try my best to save this land;
My land is my mother!

Your opinion will be avoided
In an eye blink
Just like fairie's blink
I don't care if you think i am just a sink
I will be me
And always be!

Slay me underrated
And make me outdated
But I will resurrect
To save my mother land once again!

This is an agony
Much of an illusion
O lords can I say confusion?
O Friends/Lords/ladies lets wake up from this dilema!

This poem is produced by Devin_2011 ( a proud warrior of the lordswm brotherhood )

Yes lets wake up from this dilema my brothers/sisters , People who do nothing for the society but rather spend their time enhancing their characters attain popularity
But true warriors who spill their blood in every clan defense , tournament , event perish underrated!

This poem is dedicated to all those underrated warriors who spill blood for the english speaking community in all the events
But never are considered by other people!

It doesn't matter if you win or lose an event my friends!
The thing that matters is - did you participate or not?
Do you care for your land?your brotherhood?
Don't feel ashamed because you lost, because you atleast spilled some blood while the haters were sitting back in an armchair relaxing

I am thereby a warrior of the empire and will be proud to spill blood for my brothers in arms!

I just hope that the message in this poem is correctly conveyed.
[Post deleted by moderator Worf // as requested]
My Obituary

I wade through the swamp
Of memories long gone
In the corners dark and damp
I stumble across a name
Igles it was,
The cobweb clouds the origin, grim
The mind has lost the interim

I dwell upon this long forgotten name
I think on
A cliff a fall a crash a crawl
“I am Igles”

His world spun around
And came to rest,
The glow of the life
That rested in the eyes
Sunk back and right through
The world still bright,
The same bitter fight,
Of a man with his fervor
No more forever

Expertly sculpted, void,
Wasted for the dearth
Life it hadn’t
And life did shed
The world once light
The world now dead

I turned him over
And the blood ran free
The dirk that lodged
Betrayed the spree

The emblem on the armor
Too did betray
And the void’s dagger
Too bursting to ay
Revenge is sweet
Vengeance in sweeter
But it just wasn’t their day
A darker deed of desperation
They did portray

I turned him around
And the mystery unfolded
Darkness emanated
From the light of the eyes
The heavens that welled in them
Light it was
And light did gloom
The world, the Day
The flower in bloom
The malady blight
Stretched outright
In this world meant to be

I sighed
“I know Igles
I do
The world will like evil
Bring you your life
Your eyes betrayed you,
Yes they did,
They show a hint of long longed solace
They show me the bitter malice
They show me how
Your world did shrink
They show me how
To the chalice’s brink
Inundated in your pain
They show me
How it overflowed”

It took me a lifetime
To dig the grave
The dagger lodges still
In the stone I set on top
Where once his head did rest

The inscription on the headstone:
“He was a brave hero”
The solace he wanted
And solace did long,
The me I died
The me I am
The me I will be
So long.

- Igles "Lonestrider"
To Those who Walk Alone

When light dies
Loses itself to darkness
And dark figures envelop the skies
I stand up and see the road
The one that’s full of lies
And I must walk
Alone if I should
For beyond belief light awaits
And I must walk
Alone if I should
On the edge of two deadly states

I don’t know who I am
Yet I seek the light
Eluded I fled to be the one
Yet, blind I seek the light
And I must walk
Alone if I should
Leaving behind my ties
And I must walk
Alone if I should
Beyond time where truth lies

I saw the light that never was the truth
For what I sought was but a spark
Unaware of my own will
The lure of light, and an even mark
And I must walk
Alone if I should
Ignorant of the fire within
And I must walk
Alone if I should
Groping along a subtle sin

Torments never open eyes
I learn it the hard way, through
And as dark shades of blood painted the skies
The light you seek is the fire within
Say no shroud of doubt
And I must walk
Alone if I should
And keep this fire burning bright
Or I must walk
Alone if I should
In vain pursuit of soothing light

I reached for the fire within and it became the light I sought
I stand alone, the only scene and a final thought

Forever, I will like the mist in the morn

- Igles "Lonestrider"
Imagination sparks like thunder
Overseeing a group of fighters
Raising spears the speed of blaze
As though struck by endless calamities.

Meeting through the means of battles
Communications bound by one heart
For thee, yelled one
Send forth to the charging ground.

Every day you can escape
Bearing the nature of a cowardice
Befallen by harsh luck
Never spoken by the lost of faith.

Entitled by no one
Yet seemingly a hard worker
Sharpening blades, gathering wealth
Funding for the best of weaponries.

The story of a lord
Told by no others
Spread throughout the Empire
Was heard even in the dreams of little warriors.
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