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Creative riddles - game related


AuthorCreative riddles - game related
Made by player Arcanide

Once there was a Bandit who'd heard about treasures in the Castle of the top player TaQQ. Merchanters told about the wealth, they said it was unbelievable..

Stories were told that Taqq could swim in his gold if he wanted to.. Not to mention all his elements he has..

Our bandit was jealous and decided to break in to the castle, kill TaQQ and steal all his gold and elements and be the wealthiest man LORDSWM.COM had ever known.

BUT, there was one problem, as TaQQ knew he was the richest of them all and many people would envy him, he wanted to make sure his money and he himself were safe from any kind of robbers. So he hired his budie Jedi-Knight to watch over his castle.

The tric was,and the bandit know this, to get inside the castle, kill TaQQ, claim his THRONE and then all his guardians would obey the Bandit, 'cause he would pay the guardians with the gold of (dead)TaQQ.
If he'd failed Jedi-Knight would cut of his head..
However if he succeed, without Jedi-Knight noticing it, he could let those 110 guardians kill Jedi-Knight to.. Even the Mighty Jedi-Knight would perish against such an overwhelming force. Then he could clame both castles, TaQQ s and Jedi-Knights castle.

Smart as Jedi-Knight is, he invented a kind of password(a riddle). So the bandit decided to stay in the bushes for awhile and and try to figure out how this 'password(riddle)' works.

As the day goes bye, there was the first visitor that came to sell his stuf to TaQQ. When this unknown merchant was at the castle door, Jedi-Knight was standing at the walls, watching down on the merchant. It was quiet for awhile, Jedi-Knight was checking the merchanter out and saw that it was a familliar face.

He yelled, 'Who are you, to wish to speak to my master'.
The merchanter replied, "Well good lord, I've been here before, I'm one of TaQQ s biggest suppliers."

After 5 mins Jedi-Knight shouted back 'SIX'.. The merchant was quiet and after 2 minutes shouted back 'THREE'..

Jedi-Knigt smiled and said, Be Welcom Honnored Guest, TaQQ awaits you..

As in the bushes the bandit was a little confused, he saw how everything turned out and thought to himself, 'If that is the so called password riddle so many robbers have died for, they must have been all stupid, this is to easy? I thought Jedi-Knight was a little smarter? Or.. Is there something else about this riddle?'

To make sure he was right, he told himself he'd stay here and watch for one more visitor to show up. Just to make sure, he wouldn't wanne lose his head to the might Jedi-Knight, also known as the 'Bandits slayer'.

Copple minuts later, an old woman was walking down the roads, down to TaQQ s castle. As she was near the gate, Jedi-Knight appeared and did the same as he did with the merchanter.

He yelled, 'Who are you, to wish to speak to my master'.
The old woman replied, "Lord, you have summoned me once again, TaQQ has being injured in battle and here I am again to heall his wounds'.

After 5 minuts Jedi-Knight shouted 'TWELVE'. The old woman was a bit slow, so it took over 10 minuts to answer the question. She shouted back, 'SIX'.

Jedi-Knight smiled and said, "We've been waiting for you old woman, TaQQ needs you're healing"
She replied "Yes I know, but why do you let me answer the riddle time after time, you know my face, don't you? After all those years I thought you'd trust me.."

Jedi-Knight still smiling, replied,'Old woman my only job is to make sure TaQQ is safe. Over 3 years no one has passed me without answering my riddle. There are dark forces in this world, and I would't want anything to happen to my master. Many robbers have died, trying to convince me they are trustfull'

'He or she who can't answer my riddle, even after 3 years, will be seen as a threat and will be killed by me'.

(... continued)

Our bandit heard all this and he thought, "well I do not want to get among those other dead bandits.."
So he went to a nearby village and stole some clothes of a merchant, aswell as some elements and a thief crossbow allready loaded.

He walked down the road to TaQQ castle convinced he would know the password, get in the castle and shoot TaQQ with his thief Crossbow.

When he got near the gate, Jedi-Knight once more appeared at the walls.
He was looking down on this 'merchant'.

He did not recognized this merchant so he remained quiet for 10 minutes. He was checking the 'merchanter' out, on what goods he had, what elements etc..

Then he yelled, 'Who are you, to wish to speak to my master'.

Our bandit in disguise replied in the hope this would work.." Good lord, I'm a new merchant comming from the south, wishing to merchant with the mighty TaQQ'

Jedi-Knight yelled 'EIGHT'.

As the 'merchanter' noticed before, everyone took there time to answer, so did he. After a copple minuts he shouted back 'FOUR'.

Jedi-Knight responded verry fast,
"Guards, capture this man and bring him to me"

The gate opened and the cavalary caught the bandit.

As he was dragged down before Jedi-Knight, he asked, "HOW?????"
The next thing that happened was the sound of a blade cutting a man's head.


Now I ask to you guys' who've been reading this, what should the bandit had answerd?
Its kinda easy so i'm going to mislead you guys, don't watch the passwords :D! Its more fun when you tell it instead of writing it :(!

PS sorry for making it so long, kinda short riddle but I wanted to make it Lordswm style ;)!
Thank you :)!
You got to see it like this, Well lets say there is a merchanter guild. every 1 who is a merchanter is a member of this guild. Because there are so many merchanters in this guild Jedi Knight did not recognize this merchanter.
He asked him the password since every true merchanter knows it.
and since the bandit is a not a true merchanter, he did not know the answer.

The question is more like, what number should the bandit answerd to get inside the castle?
Below I copy the ret of post/answers from players.


READ PREVIOUS PAGE FIRST. In order to get the whole storry..


A new merchant should never know a password. As he was there at the castle for the first time, how could he know the password?


A new merchant should never know a password. As he was there at the castle for the first time, how could he know the password?

Just the answer I was thinking :p


You got to look at it in this way, its a secret code the merchanters share among each other, no one from the outside knows. Like the thief routes here in Lordswm. its a secret society


'You got to look at it in this way, its a secret code the merchanters share among each other, no one from the outside knows. Like the thief routes here in Lordswm. its a secret society'

so you mean this is not the answer, right? Ok, give me some time. I mean, is this a silly answer, or is it serious, I mean, scientifically/mathematically true?
Ooh i get it, the bandit thought the merchanter just divided the originally number Jedi Knight gave by 2, but i see what you did there!
Didn't know this one yet.

I give a small hint: take a good look at the answers: T W E L V E => Six
S I X=> Three

then you should know it.

The bandit should've replied that Jedi-Knight asked a silly question, since 'eight' wasn't part of the code, only multiplications of three...
Nop, eevn though thats an answer I haven't heared before.. If I look at now, yes you're answer could be good.. BUT.. I could have done the riddle with any other numbers I would like.. (not all numbers work in english)
[Player banned by moderator GeraldTarrant until 2012-08-08 15:02:37 // No posting w/multi. 1st time. 1 min warning ban]
Excuse me for posting with multi, won't happen again!
lol, I see it now...!
your hint in post 7 gave it away :)

gratz with this riddle! you buried the answer very well and entertaining...!

I don't know if I get a second chance, so I will PM it to you...
Yeah lets do that, not to spoil the fun for other readers, if you think you know the answer, pm me!
I'll tell you then, otherwise other players won't even think about it and just read the answer.. (:
Stoter and BrownBear both know the answer!
Already 4 players with the good answer!

Next week I shall write another one :)
And the next one thats got it right;

Were going for the 10! :)
And the next one; Nav_lfc
sent brownbear a pm. He confirmed my answer. I was really distracted by some of the info.
this is hard i dont get it
this is hard i dont get it

you will facepalm once you know the answer ;)

try to think from a completely different perspective than you are doing right now...

After Mikey0413 found the answer, he really was facepalming I guess haha! Good thing that he kept trying to find it ;)!
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