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Creative riddles - game related


AuthorCreative riddles - game related
You said he was on lordswm.com, which was the closest guess and is somewhat correct.
Although the riddle is meant to have the exact answer to the letter.
well i thought you where talking about a reall brown bear..
That was awkward.. ;)
well i thought you where talking about a reall brown bear..
Even if it was a "real" brown bear, he'd still be ON THE FORUM, because it says so in the riddle. :)
For all we know the character Brown Bear may indeed really be a bear? Has anyone asked him?
Okay, please go back to the main topic of riddles :)

If there are no more answers, makers might consider to publicize the answers here and post new puzzles :)

Answers could be publicized in some kind of complicated way so that someone will not accidentally drop onto it while it is not wished. Consider below example or invent your own:

Haearae iasa tahae aanasawaeara

Now skip every second letter ('a').
can u disclose the answer of bridge riddle.?
Sorry, working made sure I had no time left for LOrdswm...

For now, answers to riddle, I think its better that the ones who want the answers PM me, otherwise it would be spoiling the fun..

Don't you guys think?
You are sitting in a dark corner of your favorite tavern, The Stinking Hole. The clientele today looks even worse than usual. The barmaid, (whatever her name is, La... something) has as usual forgotten about your last order. If you could just get all your feet in order you would have walked over to the bar and brought it yourself. While you are trying to push your chair back you realize that it is stuck because the young knight behind you is sitting with his chair far from his table and he does not notice your efforts. As you turn to rebuke him you start listening to the conversation between the young knight and his wizard friend:

- I was out hunting dragons yesterday in Ridge of Hope and got three really nice tails to display in my castle. They got a fair number of spikes. When the three amounts of spikes are multiplied the result is 36. When added together, the sum is exactly as much as the number of trolls you killed last Tuesday.

The friend thinks about it quietly for a while and the young knight behind you finally rises and goes to get another beer. Somehow you fail to push the chair in the right direction and you listen to the rest of the conversation whilst lying on the floor. The young knight steps over you and gives you a disapproving glance when he gets back with his beer.

- I can't figure it out. Please help me out here.
- Im not sure, but you might be helped by knowing that the one with the mostly spiked tail was from a Twilight Dragon!
His voice raised a bit at the end so he made sure everyone in that part of the room clearly heard him bragging about his kill.
- Oh, then you must have made a very good addition to your collection of dragon tails. Congrats!

Your brain is a bit murky, but it can't be as bad as your legs, can it? After the minute it took for your legs to actually get beneath you, your brain figured out how many trolls the wizard friend killed.

Please do not post your answer here, use PM.
(It might help to consume a dozen beers to improve your imagination and thinking outside the box. I definitely disapprove of that way of solving the riddle. It's cheating.)
Continued from the previous post.
I got a couple of answers during the last week and some of them were very good tries, but none correct. I have decided to give some clues to help you out. This is also a mini-event with reward for WG members as can be read in the WG forum.

The clues:
* This is a very old riddle that was not designed by me. The original one did not refer to dragons or trolls at all so you will not be helped by looking at LWM dragon pictures or count the common number of trolls in hunts.

* To drink a dozen beers is not recommended either to solve this or as general advice. The solution is strictly numerical and logical, so I bet you do this better when sober.

* The formulas explained in the text are:
S1 * S2 * S3 = 36
S1 + S2 + S3 = T
S1, S2, S3 : Number of spikes at each tail.
T : Number of killed trolls

* There are lots of numerical riddles but I love this one most because it is very simple in its design and a 10-year old can solve it. No advanced mathematics is needed. Still, it is very difficult to figure out.
I got to clarify how I want the answers.

* Only one answer per week. It does not do to bombard me with all possible and impossible solutions until you get it right by chance.

* Give me a description of how you got to the answer.
The friend thinks about it quietly for a while

Didn't the wizard know how much trolls he killed yesterday? Or was he thinking about something else and it's us that have to get the troll numbers? Or he just forgot how many trolls he killed?
for TBI:
I believe all the necessary information is in the passage :P
I have just got two correct answers.

Congratulations to Antviolence and only a few hours later, Nav_lfc.

For 91: As Nav_lfc said, the required information is already in the story.
Any more riddles? :)
STBs: knowing already the "original" riddle, i'll exempt from answering, but in all i'm not sure everyone understood that what you want to know is the exact number of spikes on each tail..

pheraphs one beer too much ;p
Guyb: The "original" I read asked for the number of trolls, not the spikes. I suppose it exists in different versions. In post 90 I also wanted a description and it obviously includes the number of spikes on each tail.
This riddle can have multiple answers as there are 4 unknown variables..!
Funny one, the answer is...

Opps lost connection with internet
Not so much riddles anymore lately, but i might have something to think about.
A small problem i ran into while making the damage calculator, i managed to solve it, but i wanted to see if anyone else could solve it "shorter"

There are two arrays; a=[1 2 3] and b=[1 2 3].
With these two arrays you have to make two matrices;
1 0 0
0 1 0
0 0 1
1 0 0
1 1 0
1 1 1

all math operations are allowed, but the shorter you do it, the better the answer ^^.
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