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Creative riddles - game related


AuthorCreative riddles - game related
i cant find the answer!
s i x -3
t w e l v e -6
amazings hint
please dont give the answer away
i got the answer.!:)
Keep on trying! If you still can't find it, PM me, i'll give you some more hints ;)!
more hints..?
its crystal clear..:P
I think the answer was clearly given since post #5.
Time for some new Riddles(on request like 20 times). Due my work, I haven't got allot of time for Lordswm, so I got some short (but hard) riddles for you guys! After my work (late september) i'll make some long ones like the first one :)!

First Riddle:
After a thief that I won, I got a strange reward, 14 special Coins, pure gold with the inscription "42 Before Christ". There also was a picture of an Roman Emperor of that time (Emperor Tiberius).

Now my Question, How old do you think these coins are? With the current time and year we're living in, 2012. And why do you think that? Or..Why not..? Is there something wrong with these coins? So, what then?

Think about this one for awhile, the answer is not that obvious..

AGAIN PM the answer, don't post it here, spoils the fun for the other people ;)!
Second Riddle:
The player Kunoichi_1 was on a trip in the mountains, he was tracking some Mountain Sentries that he saw earlier. When he got higher he saw a bridge above a huge gap! Its must have been like the edge of the earth, 'cause really it was that high. He noticed that the tracks of the Mountain Sentries disappeared before the bridge. He was not sure that they crossed the bridge, buy he had to take a chance to go and check if on the other side were the same tracks.

When he was like 2 meters in front of the bridge there was a HUGE sign saying, "DO NOT CROSS THIS BRIDGE WITH MORE THEN 1 PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME. IF YOU DO IT WILL CRASH".

After reading the sign Kunoichi_1 watched over his back to see if there were other players behind him, he wanted to make sure he was alone. The thing that scared him was the fact that at the bottom of the sign there were all kind of names engraved in the wooden sign. All travelers who disappeared years and years ago.

The funny thing was, as there were so many people killed by the bridge, somehow someone repaired the bridge time after time he thought, 'cause otherwise there wouldn't be a bridge nowadays..? Right? Or was this just a joke of one..

Kunoichi, watched his back, no one to see as far as he could see. He walked a way back to make SURE there was no one following him, a thief or a bandit etc.. There was no one, not even animals. He was pretty sure he was all alone up there.

After all this he decided it would be safe for him if he crossed the bridge, there was no one else who could make this bridge crash, he thought. When he was in the middle of the bridge something happened, before kunoichi realized what was happening it was to late. The bridge broke down, with Kunoichi on it. He died that same day.

Now my Question to you guys, how can the bridge crash when there was only one player on it?

For this riddle, focus on the sign, I realize this is a hard one for everyone. Its a funny answer, one you'll certainly laugh about when you know it!

After a fews days, when I notice nobody is able to answer this one, i'll give some more hints!
Now a verry easy one, all I ask you guys to do is this;

Finish up these I made for you.

O T T F F S S E ? ?

Its an easy one, instead of again a hard one ;)!
I think the answer was clearly given since post #5.
more hints..?
its crystal clear..:P

Depends, its not always that easy, if you look at the riddle the wrong way, you can spend hours searching before finding the right answer.
Some people focus on the wrong hints or clues, there searching way to far. Once the're looking for the answer in the right way, yeah then its easy.

On the other hand it could be similar to chinees if you watch at the riddle in a different perspective.
So no problem if you don't understand the riddles right away, its all on how you focus ;)!
[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // Spoiler]
Sorry, shouldn't have posted my answer.
Ok. Now, time has come for me to ask a riddle. :)
This should be an easy one. Hopefully, people won't break their brains, solving it. Even if they do, oh well...
Four days ago, a brown bear was spotted riddling in the grass. Over and under, on and off, left and right, he riddled. Riddling is something the brown bear liked to do. Up and down and left and right, riddling over and over again. Miles and miles he riddled, so here is the question: where did the brown bear end up after all that riddling about?

[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // please pm your answer to Flour, unless Flour says otherwise]
[Post deleted by moderator ElfPride // spoiler]
please people, send your answers to the riddles creator via pm and hopefully he/she will post your names here in this thread. Writing the answers openly may spoil the fun for those, who are still struggling to find the answers.
I am going to give people a little help by eliminating one of the guesses.

The brown bear is not in the grass.
He went for miles and miles and is no longer riddling in the grass.

P.s. read the riddle attentively. The answer is in there if you look carefully. ;)

For the Coins riddle, People who've got it right; stoter BrownBear Schwarzenegger.

Another hint here, the answer i'm looking for is not 2054. (Because like 15 people answerd that).

The Bridge riddle, no one. Some more hint are, FORGET the Mountain Sentries, Forget other people. The thing I search is A sentence that contains 9 WORDS. Its is something FUNNY. People may use it at work, or at school etc..

The Third riddle, People who've got it right; Stoter and ElfPride.

This isn't some kind of word, its just something you have to search for.
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