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New Faction- Eskimo

AuthorNew Faction- Eskimo
Eskimos are creatures of Ice. They live on mostly icy mountains and are creatures who use a new type of magic, Ice magic. They are comprised of inuits and have all sorts of creatures. Iit is a good mix and you will see when i start posting the faction
The eskimo hero is dressed in a Shiny blue Ice coat with Ice spikes sticking out. It has light blue pants made of diamond.

The eskimo hero starts with Mana +1.
with the spell-
BLIZZARD (Mana Cost 5)
It deals 5 damage to all enemy stacks without spell power and an increaserate of 3 per spell power.

SP-1 5 + 3*2 = 8.
SP-2 5 + 3*2 = 11.
At magic guild level-1 they get the spells-

Ice Clod,
AVALANCHE (Mana cost 8)
It drops a Huge sheet of ice on enemy stack dealing 40 damage with an increase rate of 8 per spell power.
At magic Guild level 2-

Ice Ring.
Anti Magic
It removes the sun from the battle ground.
-2 hp to all enemy stacks except undead creatures. Increase rate of -1 hp extra per spell power.
At magic guild lvel-3

Summon Water Elemental (Mana cost 8)
Continental Drift- Crack in the Ground causes any 4 squares to be placed on the edge of the battlefield adding a row or coloumn in the process. +1 square per spell power.
PS: Continental drift costs 10 mana
Not well thoughtout and a bit overpowered.Antimagic in lvl 2,srsly ? You need a lot of work to do here.
We can out anti-magic to lvl3.

I will post the creatures soon
so if you get 30 spell pover youll do 95 damage to all enemy units in 3v3 battle :) it should be called armagedon:)and if u cast 3 times this spell all enemys in 3v3 battle will be dead:)
if u get night forever and 30 SP what will happend to goblins or lores and all others tier <5 creatures who has less then 33 hp?
30 sp is too high to achieve. And if you do get it then have fun
^ Antimagic is lvl 4 FYI.and Night forever is OP.you can destroy a whole stack of guardians with 24 SP (which is easy to achieve).
So what, i think 26 damage to all creatures against enemies is not too cool for duel where you have maximum 7 stacks (Without splitting).

It will stop enemies from splitting too. And 26x7 = 182 damage.
Not very thought out :L Try looking at this, https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1938029 That is how you should lay it out, he has obviously been creating his for a long time, yours feels as if you thought about it for about a week.
Great you feel its been a week. Its been 2 days actually LOL
Hi kushagra, it's nice to see new people stepping up to the plate and contributing to the lordswm creative corner. I've always enjoyed reading the threads here, especially new faction threads. I've got a few tips for you about creating factions, listen to them if you want or disregard them, it's only advice. First, when creating a new faction, type it up in office word before hand, that way if there is a type you can go back and fix it before upload. This also allows you to upload it all at once, so your faction isn't split apart by a bunch of other people's comments before you could finish writing the entire faction. It's also useful to look at the stats of various creatures of the same tier as the ones you create, so as to prevent over/under powering. If you follow these two basic rules, it is pretty easy to create a semi-balanced faction that is easy on the eye and enjoyable to read. Good luck!

Thanks blade. I really loved that
where the troops?
forgot to lock but this idea was closed due to mass faults in it and bad response and i dont have time to build
closed by kushagra5 (2013-07-16 15:55:28)
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