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Letter to Roulette


AuthorLetter to Roulette
To Dear Roulette;
Hi Roulette My dear Friend, You are the only one Whom I Know From the Beginning of the Game, Even when I change my A/c I am unable to escape from you, You travel with me to any corners in the Map And Even while traveling u ask me money and I Give you though I know you are cheating me You are so Kind that you dont even allow me to join a MC .I give u lakhs but u give me nothing but 1 thing I need to say you I dont chase u becoz i am Roulette Addict but A roulette Lover :) I thought Friendship is all about Giving but I ask u something for the first time plz let me win a single number .
Your thankfully
So romantic XD
for Loafoant:
indeed it was =)
So romantic XD
give him some romantic kiss:D
Unusual romance :D
Unconditional Love <3
Roulette bets total: 703,658
Roulette winnings total: 542,269

One sided love XD
Yep :)
I wish roulette loved me like he loves you :/
Oh Roulette, Oh roulette, i try to believe what you couldnt see...
Oh roulette, Oh roulette, i thought i was your best friend, but you didn't know that i've been gone because of the money i lost on you...
Oh Roulette, Oh roulette, after all it happened i still believe a day you will give me the best gift anyone can have, the best of the best.

Oh Roulette, Oh Roulette, please roulette don't disappoint me thereeeee.....

Name of the music: Oh ROulette
Player banned by moderator ElfPride until 2013-12-12 08:31:56 // Long string violation
Did you know? "Roulette is a quick way to get rich!"
It is if u Follow Lords Logic, if there is any color 3 times in a row bet on the opposite color, if u loose, double it, if you loose again, triple it, if u loose again just throw you from a bridge
roulette :D is the best thing in this game ..

Did you know? "Roulette is a quick way to get rich!" and a quicker way to get poor
for Pravin J:

Sry to say but roulette loves this guy more than u...:p
but Lexa didn't... :P
but Lexa didn't... :P

@16 Thats her Ex-Lv
Best Roulette player in LWM

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