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Life is unpredictable.

AuthorLife is unpredictable.
( A voice ) - One day we all realize that there are turning points which make us believe in something we did not believe all these days... but that day ...is when you become a true man , nobody wants to die without knowing everything... but life decided something else for all of us.. we will never know whats in store for us , This is what happened to me... if you want a story.. I have one hell of a story to tell...

P.S ( quote from narrator ) - This is an amateur attempt by me so please bare this.. each segment of this story will be posted in some time when the next 2 comments are posted by the people who see this.. Critics are welcome!
Segment 1.

It all started.. I woke up , it was glaring a lot .. i thought i died :D , i almost felt weightless ..

BAM! water spilled all over my face.. i just realised that i was still daydreaming .. it was my wife who spilled the water..

" hey , WTH you doing? let me sleep for sometime.." Said me.

I had no response.. what the heck? Everything got blackened.. Now i woke up.. in a torn up untidy , small house.. nahhh , better to say its a junkyard.

brushed my teeth , i had a job you know?

Had to go for that , i worked as a software engineer in ___***____*** ( can be suggested by viewers of this story ).. I went to work that day , that was when things started.. Finished my work.. things started to happen..the day went too bad for me , so i went to a nearby bar and took drinks.. When i was riding my bike back to my junkyard and BAM! i fell over the ground.. Fell unconscious.

Woke up in a hospital .. I was fine , no pain.. but i saw police in my room.. WTH?

POLICE - You killed a 18 year old girl , you shouldn't have drunk n drived , you are in serious trouble now .

Me - I am really sorry , can i do any amends to get out of these problems?
i have a story to tell about what happened earlier today...
Guys , i am sorry for my direct writing.. i didn't want to give any colourful story , but a story with a story so that you can enjoy the story of the story rather than the contrast of the story..
engineer inLordswm***graphical department***:P
copied story from a TV serial huh.. :/
software engineer in ___***____*** ( can be suggested by viewers of this story )

wow... such worse transition :P

it would be better if you simply wrote in paragraphs.. )

But go on, am reading ;)
At least you didn't rape the girl.
looks like my writing is 22 awesome lmao .. damn me! Its not a serial ,

Mcdonald's do need software engineers... atleast they give free time!

@hallion - ill try 2 do that and i promise better next time!

Bare this thingy! i wrote it after a So called drunk up inspiration in this game :P
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